Monday, October 21, 2013

And So I Ride the Rollercoaster

Pamela Tracy here and I'm the luckily woman in the world

See, living in my house, besides a husband and cat, is an eight-year-old boy.

And boy is he a boy.

I have the Dennis the Menace boy.

He and his friends love to take the shovels and dig deep holes in the backyard.  They find pieces of wood and make ramps in the street to ride their bikes and scooters over.  They build lego worlds all over the floors of my house so that I can, barefoot, step on small pieces.  He's the food all over the face kid.

He wants to be a hot dog for Halloween.

A hot dog?


His rowdy side made its way as Caleb in my 2012 Once Upon a Christmas from Love Inspired.  His sweet side mades its way into my 2010 Daddy for Keeps from Love Inspired.

As for me, I can fill in backyard holes (actually my hubby does that).  I can put band aides on his cuts he gets when the ramp malfunctions (really, 8 year old malfunctions).  I build legos with him, and offer a wash cloth after he eats.

Yesterday we were at a carnival.  I probably walked twenty miles in a corn maze (I found the way out!).  I rode pushcarts, played putt putt golf, took a hayride, and rode the haunted train.

The black moment (last time I wrote about this I used the Heroe's Journey) was the rollercoaster.

I hate roller coasters.  I'm afraid of heights and don't much trust a gadget that goes up and down and fast.      

Still, I'm in line with the 8 year old, going to sit in the car and go up and down and around.

The stupid thing breaks right before our turn.  Eighty percent of the line walks away when they hear "It'll take at least 20 minutes to fix."  Here comes a mechanic (Later, he was selling kettle corn)

Now, I have to get on a roller coaster right after it's broken down!

And I did it.

Because in 5 years, my son will want a friend to ride with him instead of me.  In 10 years, he'll go to carnivals by himself.  In fifteen years, he'll go with his wife.  And, in 20 years, he'll go with his own 8 year old.

And so I ride the rollercoaster of life.  


  1. Pam, this was really beautiful! I don't have kids, obviously, but it still touched me. It's hard sometimes seeing time pass by. Sometimes I find that it's difficult to simply focus on the joys of life and then I'm like why is this SO important to me right now?? In two weeks, it won't matter anymore. I like to think that I've learned to let go, breathe, and just enjoy all the little bumps because they're part of the journey. They're part of MY journey and I can't get that back!

    Facing fears is hard, good for you for getting through the roller coaster ride ;)

  2. Good for you, Pam. I was talking to my daughter about us going to the state fair and asked her what she remembered. The time she remembered was the time her daddy took the kids to the fair and I stayed home. They remember.

  3. Hannah,
    Hi! Long time no see. Remind me (and I am forgetful) we're you in school. Luckily, this was a little rollercoaster as they go, but I hate rollercoasters. LOL

  4. Leann,
    Oh, my, did you expect her to answer that.
    I didn't go cub scout camping this year and Mike has mentioned it many times.

  5. Loved your post. Laughed out loud at the mechanic later selling kettle corn. :) I had the great joy of having my grandchildren visit our church this Sunday, and a dear older grandmother came up to me while I was reading to my two-year-old in the library and said "Enjoy every moment." She'd lost her teenage grandson a year ago that day--hit by a car. Sure makes you take a different perspective on every precious moment.

  6. Pam thanks for sharing. I admire you going on the roller coaster after it was fixed. although would rather go after being fixed than have it break down while on it.
    I remember going on one in Queensland. I was on a tour and it was one of our stops a day at Seaworld. Well Ann is one of those who gets rather interesting waiting to go on the ride watching it but once on loves it and wants to do it again. This had happened a couple of times and this time we were lined up for a roller coaster. there was a father daughter and the daughter was doing the same as Ann a little nervous. well the father and I were both trying to keep them calm and not sure how it happened but by this time we were in line couldn't get out and it would be out turn in one or two more goes and one of us started with Oh look at them they are all screaming oh it must be scary, and the other would add oh my they haven't even left the station yet wonder what will happen once it starts. Well he and I was having a blast the daughter and my friend not so much but we get on. we were in the same carriage and we both burst out laughing before it stared as the other two were looking not so sure. it starts and they scream we laugh harder and it was a blast. At the end of it we get off the daughter enjoyed it and Ann goes lets do that again to which I said NO. no way was I going through her being scared again. But it was a blast and a memory I still treasure.

  7. Pamela, great post. Time does pass quickly. That's just the reason we moved to Tucson to be close to our granddaughters before they grew up too fast.

  8. Right?? It has been too long lol. Back to blogging, I hope....posted my first post on my own blog Saturday and it felt really good.

    I am in school lol I'm in my 4th year of college, but got a little behind. So this past spring I graduated with my Associates degree from community college. Now I'm at my new school going for my Bachelor's. I'll get there lol.

    I love roller coasters sooooo I can't relate, sorry! :P

  9. Pamela, that's so true! Enjoy it now. :)

    My son wanted to be a piece of pizza when he was little. So off to the fabric store we went! And would you believe, I found a pattern! :)

    Hey, Hannah!! So great to see you!

  10. I enjoyed this, Pamela---although the end of your post almost made me cry as your words sank in....Yes, when boys are very young their Moms are who they love to be with- - and now that my "little boy" is a college senior I'll confess I MISS those days!! So enjoy every precious minute (even things like roller coaster rides, LOL). Blessings, Patti Jo

  11. Wonderful post, Pamela. It really touched me. Even though I don't have children of my own, my nieces and nephew provide a glimpse into this life cycle. Yay you for getting on the rollercoaster with your son. You made an indelible memory that day!

  12. Sandra,
    I'm looking forward to grandchildren. I'm half tempted to say a grand-daughter. Everyone in my house is male including the cat. But, boys are such wonders I'll take as many as I can get.

  13. Jenny,
    You sound like a writer! Great story.

  14. Gee, Merrillee, I thought you moved to Tucson to be near me

  15. Hannah,
    The average time spent earning a degree is 5 years. And community colleges are awesome. I should know; I teach at one.

  16. The difference, Missy, is that you sew. Now, LOL, I could crochet him a hot dog. I really hope we find him a costume.

    Actually, I'm glad he wants to be a hot dog now because for a few months, he wanted to be underwear man.

  17. CatMom,
    I can't even imagine college. We're struggling with reading right now.

  18. Christine,
    I had an aunt who I loved so much that had I a girl, I was naming the baby after her. I'll be you're an awesome aunt.



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