Friday, October 11, 2013

Good Thing Fridays

The Craftie Ladies would like to set aside Fridays to acknowledge and celebrate the good things that are happening in our lives and we hope that you will join in and tell us about the blessings you have encountered as well.


  1. I'm blessed with a wonderful group of co-workers at my day job.

  2. I am blessed the dentist is sensitive to the fact I am cash strapped at present and is sending me to the hospital for xrays which will be free otherwise it was going to be $80. If they find something on the xray I may still need the other but this way its cheaper now.

  3. I'm blessed that we've had visitors out to church for the past two Sundays.

  4. We're celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend, here in Canada. I'm blessed to have four generations of family with whom to celebrate!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving, Sandra!

    I'm thankful my son is coming home from college for fall break. He's been home very briefly twice, but I was out of town or gone for the day both times! I miss him and am thrilled to have a few days with him.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian friends. I've been blessed with a new 3-book contract with Love Inspired.

  7. I am thankful I can read and that there are such great authors out there, last night as I finished a story It had me in tears when one of the characters died.
    Paula O

  8. Can I add I am so greatful the med i just took has taken away 90% of the pain and just the pressure left i can handle this.

  9. Such wonderful blessings you've all shared! Jenny, I'm so happy the pain is less.

    I was deeply blessed by the women I met last weekend at our church's Ladies Retreat. God is great!

  10. I'm so thankful that my orthopedist said to hold off on having a steroid injection in my neck next week. Praise God the new physical therapy I've been doing is working!

    Jean, its always nice to like the people you work with.

    Jenny, that so great that the dentist is doing that. I pray they figure out what to do for you. Glad the meds are working.

    Naomi, nice. Love when visitors come to church.

    Sandra, Happy Thanksgiving.

    Missy, enjoy the time with your son.

    Congratulations Merrillee!

    Paula, we're all glad you enjoy reading!

    Christine, I love women's retreats. Our churches is this weekend but I'm going to the Oregon Christian Writers One Day Conference to hear Brandilyn Collins speak.


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