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Hi Terri Reed here wanting to know what you think of newsletters.  Do you like them?  Do you intentionally go to an author's website and sign up for one?  Does offering a book or other gift as incentive motivate you to sign up for an author's newsletter?  What do you like to see in an author's newsletter?

 Last year I started a newsletter.  I decided to put one out quarterly to highlight a recent release.
I have a small group of people who receive my emailed newsletter and another small group that I send a hard copy to, usually in response to hand written letters that I receive from readers.  My virtual assistant and I have tried to make the newsletter interesting with a bit of personal info, a recipe and of course news of the new release.
My third newsletter has released this past week to coincide with my upcoming November release TEXAS K-9 UNIT CHRISTMAS. If you're interested in seeing the newsletter, stop by my website www.terrireed.com.  On the right side of the site is a link to sign up for the newsletter.

And don't forget this coming Thursday to stop in and leave a comment to receive some books!  See our past Thursday posts for more information on our blog giveaway.

Holiday Hero by Shirlee McCoy 
Emma Fairchild never expected to find trouble in sleepy Sagebrush, Texas. But when she's attacked and left for dead in her own diner, her childhood friend turned K-9 cop Lucas Harwood offers a chance at justice—and love. 
Rescuing Christmas by Terri Reed 
She escaped a kidnapper, but now a killer has set his sights on K-9 dog trainer Lily Anderson. When fellow officer Jarrod Evans appoints himself her bodyguard, Lily knows more than her life is at risk—so is her heart. 
Texas K-9 Unit: These lawmen solve the toughest cases with the help of their brave canine partners


  1. Hey Terri!
    I enjoy newsletters because it lets me know what's coming up with authors I enjoy and also lets me know any other news about that author! Sometimes there is interesting stuff that I wouldn't know about any other way! I am really looking forward to your new book - as I've told you several times! - since I really enjoyed that series. So glad they decided to continue it for another book! I like you and Shirlee a lot so I know the book will be great!

  2. Do you get much feedback from your newsletters, Terri? I'm thinking of starting one. Glad to know Valri enjoys them.

  3. I Have a newsletter and a contest that readers will be entered in when they sign up for the newsletter. Or if they don't want to take the time to put in all the info for the contest they can skip entering the contest and just plug in their email address and receive the newsletter. It is a really short, quick newsletter that goes out every month or two and I do get feedback from it. It is where anyone who loves my books will get first hand info on new releases and any news. Anyone who wants can jump over and sign up :) http://www.debraclopton.com/contest

  4. its an interesting question. I have signed up for alot but have recently unsubscribed from some where I was put on the list but never actually signed up. Because I went to a blog several of the members of the blog added me to there email lists and some are not christian writers so I have had to delete myself. It would have been ok If I had signed up or been asked but I wasn't. Also there are some authors who will add you to a newsletter list if you contact them which can be a problem too.(end of soap box).
    I do like them but like when they are only quarterly or when books are being released. I do enjoy the contests.
    My friend is starting one before her books come out next year and is getting me to look after the mailing list and newsletter so it will be a learning curve. I hope to eventually be able to offer this service to authors.

  5. Hi ladies, I've been away from my home/computer all day. Just now sitting down to take care of business.

    Valri, Thanks for your kind words!

    Debby, I haven't receive feedback per se, but those who've received my newsletter have unsubscribe from it so I take that as a good sign. LOL

    Debra, you're such a prolific writer, when do you find time for books and newsletters every month or two?

    Jenny, how fun that you're helping your friend. I'm sure you'll do fabulously.


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