Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Married to a Writer: How Embarrassing

Pamela Tracy here.

I'm a romance writer, yup, and that job travels with me wherever I go, whether to the store, to a cub scout meeting, to work, to church, well, you get the idea.

My husband and son travel with me, too.

Sometimes the two worlds collide.

So, this past Friday evening, we're at the Apple store because I needed a new computer.  Mine had finally deteriorated so much that the only thing I could do was word processing.  And that was iffy because the system froze every 24 or so hours.  Then, I'd have to shut everything down and start from scratch.  The Internet would no longer work on the computer,  photos either.

I digress.

So, romance writer me and hubby are standing in front of the computer I want and waiting for a service rep.  My son is over at a kids' table playing on the iPads.

I'm typing away.

Rep comes over and asked me, "What can I do for you today?"

I point to the computer screen and there are my questions.

My husband is embarrassed.  This is not the normal thing to do, you see.

The rep says, "Oh, I'll need to get someone with a little more knowledge about...." and he walks away.

I start to type more questions.

My husband is aghast.  "No, just ask the questions."

I said "Okay."

Here's what I did on the computer instead of typing my questions.  And, yes, my husband is a plumber by trade

Don Smith
Professor Me
Plumbing 101
October 11, 2013
Clean Fingernails
Plumbers, in American, face a strange malady.  It’s called tooth fungi, and it happens when they bite their fingernails.  Oh, not all plumbers bite their fingernails, but there are a few who cannot break the habit even when they see their coworkers with green teeth.  We’re not just talking slightly green; we’re talking florescent green.  The kind of green that glows in the dark and can guide planes in for landing.

This malady first occurred in the early 1920’s when Zeke Carmichael, of Carmichael plumbing, noticed a strange itching just about his top two teeth.  He’d already lost the bottom teeth to a fist fight over  how many inches a toilet should be from a wall.  He very much wanted to keep the top two, so immediately went to a dentist.  Or, at least, he went to someone who pretended to be a dentist. 

Totally made up, on the spot.  Not true.

My husband read it with a mixture of horror and laughter.

So, in conclusion, Don't Mess With a Romance Writer Who Has a Computer in her Hand.   you might just get hurt


  1. Pamela, you have a vivid imagination. No wonder you're a writer. :)

  2. Thank you for the daily laugh. That should teach the husband not to mess with a writer and her computer.

  3. Leann,
    I embarrass my husband often.

  4. LOL, would you do the same thing, Jean?

  5. oh that is so funny. Your poor hubby. I bet the salesman wondered what he has struck.
    I needed a laugh still feeling bad with headaches and exhaustion (on a good note specialist thinks wrist is healing nicely on its own)

    My computer isn't as bad as yours but it does the freezing part especially on the internet and has other issues. Word actually works well. But as I dont need surgery (but gained other issues to pay for like dental) I should be able to buy a new laptop next trip to the city.

  6. LOL, Pamela! Thanks for my laugh of the day. I'm going to need a new computer soon. My hubbie has the good sense not to join me at the computer store.

    Jenny, I'm glad to hear you don't need surgery.

  7. Jenny,
    Glad you don't need surgery. And, I'm a MAC person now. I love my laptop.

  8. Christine,
    My hubby puts all these things together. Now he's at home (I'm still at work) hooking up the new printer.

  9. Too funny, Pamela. And as I was reading the first part of this, I was biting my nail. Going to see if my teeth are green.

    After church one Sunday, a lady got all embarrassed when she mentioned reading one of my books. Then she said, you and your husband must have a passionate marriage.

    I chuckled all the way home from church. My books are so squeaky clean that I can't imagine what scene she was referring to. I wondered if she was talking about someone else's book.


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