Friday, December 13, 2013

A Time to Celibrate with Family-Part 3

Lyn Cote here, Another day of our family photos for Christmas celebration. Hope you will many new memories this year and take many photos.

This is the Phinney Family Christmas morning. I love all the chaos of Christmas morning!

This is Barbara Phinney and her husband in the Canary Islands on vacation. It's for contrast with the next photo~

This is Barbara's Christmas morning photo of her neck of the words. She lives in New Brunswick, Canada, the Bay of Fundy shore. It reminds me of my neck of the woods! Here's a photo from my porch this November.

 Well, next week will be our final photos for 2013! Do you live in a snowy Christmas area or a no snow area?--Lyn


  1. cool photos. I live in a NO snow area. although I thought it was Summer and it hasn't been that hot yet. they say its coming this week but we seem to have 2 days hotter and about 5 cool days. They say Christmas Day may be around 80.

  2. 80! Well, don't get a Christmss sunburn!

  3. will try not to. I just hope they are right at present its been under 70 and chilly.

  4. Yes, Lyn and Barbara, that's what Christmas looks like for me. Brr cold but so beautiful.


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