Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Tis the season...

Lacy Williams here.

Black Friday is just past. Stores have had Christmas items and decorations out for at least a month.

Traffic is getting a little crazy, and the grocery store is constantly packed.

But in all the chaos of the season, I'm finding joy. Having little children is a blessing. To be able to see things through their eyes, to know the joy of Christmas again when I myself have gotten a little cynical.

We decorated our tree over a week ago. Yes, we have the overload of ornament on the bottom branches (where they can reach!). And the littlest Miss has an obsession with the cord. Yikes!

We put up our outside lights as well and it makes me smile when our son (two years old) asks daddy to drive around the neighborhood to see lights every time we come home after dark.

Sure, there's family stress and money is tight, but we get to talk about the birth of Jesus when the kids want to know what Christmas is all about. It's a bit like having a second childhood. And isn't that what it's all about? Jesus said that we need to have faith like a little child.

I hope that no matter your circumstances this holiday season, you'll find joy in the small things. What's your favorite thing about Christmas?

Lacy Williams grew up on a farm, which is where her love of cowboys was born. In reality, she's married to a right-brained banker (happily with three kiddos). She gets to express her love of western men by writing historical romance. Her books have finaled in the RT Book Reviews Reviewers' Choice Awards (2012, 2013 & 2014), the Golden Quill and the Booksellers Best Award. JOIN LACY'S NEWSLETTER

Here's the blurb for her recent release RETURN OF THE COWBOY DOCTOR:
Two years shy of his medical degree, cowboy Maxwell White is out of money. So, he's back in Bear Creek, Wyoming, working part-time for the local physician. Though he is immediately drawn to the doctor's lovely, whip-smart daughter, she seems to be irritated by Maxwell's very existence.
Hattie Powell can't quash her feelings for the town's new would-be doctor. But that's exactly why she must keep him at a distance. Hattie is closer than ever to fulfilling her lifelong wish of becoming a doctor. Now, the only thing standing in her way is the man of her dreams.

"Williams delivers a smart, gentle, and uplifting fourth novel set in 1890s Wyoming (after Roping the Wrangler)...sweet, poetic Max is a lovable hero, and Hattie's desire to have both career and family will resonate strongly with readers." - Publisher's Weekly (Oct 28, 2013)

4.5 stars TOP PICK! "Hattie's story accurately depicts the kind of prejudice a female doctor would have faced in 1897. It is easy to have sympathy with the hero's character, and the mention of his brothers will leave the reader eager to hear their stories in future books." -RT Book Reviews (December)



  1. Your mention of the lower branches and ornaments reminded me of when my kids were toddlers I had special soft ornaments that were theirs to put on the tree. Sometimes they rearranged them every hour! Such fun!

  2. Lyn, we do put the less breakable ones down there! Between those grabby hands and the dogs' tails swishing by all day it just seems safer!

  3. I have the tree up and my christmas village up. I actually think its helping me deal with my new condition. We never had a lot of money but we still had a good Christmas.
    The last 10 years or so of mum's life she really didn't like Christmas but it was cos of what she thought had to be done and would wear herself out. No matter how I tried to say it doesn't matter if some of the cleaning isn't done etc she would work her self to the point of hating the time. People coming to visit come to visit you not the house and I think we tend to over work ourselves to have a perfect house and forget to find the Joy of Christmas. As I will be home alone I do have the house tidy but I am able to relax and enjoy this time of year. (not being able to do as much helps to)

  4. Hi, Jenny! With all the little ones underfoot I've sort of given up on keeping the house clean. :) I'm glad you got your tree up. I love looking at it, especially after dark and it glows. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. mine doesn't glow so much but do love looking at it and the ornaments (not dark til 8.30pm here) the house isn't that tidy it took about 3 goes to do the kitchen table with what I have I have to do things in stages.

  6. LOL, but if you put the ornaments on the bottom branches, the cat swats them down, and eats them!
    Hmmm, maybe just my cat.

  7. LOL, but if you put the ornaments on the bottom branches, the cat swats them down, and eats them!
    Hmmm, maybe just my cat.

  8. we are seniors and dont get much company so have not put tree up for awhile now, do set out my angels and few decorations and if I can get someone to do it we have few outside decorations, I am like the little ones I like to drive around and see all the yards lit up...we have some pretty outstanding ones not far away. Has anyone heard of Guido gardens in Metter Ga, they do big-time decorating and many people come from near and far to see them each year, it can be seen online also.

    Paula O

  9. I am so glad you are letting yourself enjoy those precious little ones of yours! It is wonderful to see everything through their eyes--especially this time of year. Love the picture. And there are many beautiful unbreakable ornaments out now, so you don't have to worry about them rearranging those low ones.

    My favorite thing this time of year is the lights. LOVE them. They never fail to remind me of the light of Jesus in this world.

    One of mine and Dan's favorite things this time of year is driving around and seeing the lights. And even though we downsized this year, we still have our regular tree and I have decorated just about every space I can. :) Even got some lights up outside too.

  10. I just finished reading Return of the Country Doctor....loved it!!
    Now I need to get up a tree and decorate!

  11. Love your tree, Lacy! We used to keep all ornaments on the top half of the tree! LOL Then I ended up buying unbreakable ones and using yarn to hang them. The kids could help, then. :)


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