Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Preparations!

Missy Tippens, here. Getting ready for a big Christmas with all my family here at our house. I'm writing this on Saturday after spending two and a half hours at the grocery buying all the food we'll need. I've been batting around menu ideas for weeks. Finally just bit the bullet and jotted down a list in the grocery store parking lot. :) I hope my family enjoys what I have planned!

As you can see, I finally got all the decorations put up, including stockings for the dogs and cats! :) Yes, we like to put treats in them to occupy the dogs so they don't interrupt gift opening. So the pets are all settled, yet I still have shopping to do. What about you? Have you been rushing around getting ready? What do you have left to do?

Speaking of dogs…I love this ornament!


  1. This Christmas has been so low key its not funny. I have had the tree etc up since end of Nov. But everything else has been a struggle. cards took forever and many didn't get sent. I did buy a few things for Tomorrow (its christmas eve here) last week although I doubt they will be used now. Then seemed to be struck with a gastric bug I couldn't get rid of so things got behind again. I ended in hospital for the weekend with gall stones. (believe me you dont want them). So now its like Oh its Christmas tomorrow is it oh ok. I am ready it will be a very quiet christmas just me which right now is ok as I am not eating and spend half the day in bed anyway. So I guess Im ready.

  2. Lovely tree, Missy! And I'm happy to read that you also include stockings for your pets (we do that too--except the bunny and bird don't have them).
    Enjoy having your family at your house, and I'm sure whatever food you prepare will be delicious.
    My middle daughter and her husband are in their first house, so we'll all be there for Christmas! Cannot wait! We're all pitching in with the food, so there will be plenty.
    Tomorrow (Christmas Eve) I've just got to finish wrapping, and bake one (maybe 2) more kinds of cookies. LOVE Christmas time!!
    @Jenny, continued prayers for you, sweet lady. Sure hope you'll feel much better SOON! Merry Christmas to all!! Hugs, Patti Jo :)


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