Friday, December 6, 2013

A Time to Celebrate with Family, Part 2

Lyn Cote here again, with more family memories. Leigh Bale, Margaret Daley and Louise Gouge have shared photos today. Voile!
Leigh Bale's Husband in disguise--or is he?
Well, HO, HO, HO! Leigh says that sometimes Santa overshadows Jesus, but her husband loves playing Santa at church and being surrounded by happy children! Sounds like a great guy!

This is one of those special moments when four generations pose together. I think you'll recognize one of them, right?
This is Louise Gouge's family Christmas portrait. They look like a happy bunch!

When I saw Leigh Bale's husband dressed up as Santa, I was reminded of my first Christmas with my husband. He was the last minute replacement for Santa at the church children's party (with a pillow added.) Anyway one little girl sidled up to me and whispered in my ear, "I won't tell anyone but that's your WIFE!" One of those precious moments--as I agreed with her that he indeed was my wife.
Do any of you have similar memories--little funnies that brought a smile and still linger in the memory?--Lyn


  1. Thanks for sharing Love the angel in the last photo.
    I feel sad in a way that we never had a christmas photo taken of the whole family before dad died and really none til my brother was married with a couple of children and thats just eating Christmas lunch.
    I always say make sure you take a family photo with everyone in it. If the baby is 6 weeks old and asleep pick her up to be in the photo (ok thats my issue with the family ones we had when I was 6 weeks old). I only have two photos with dad and that was when I was a baby, and there was 2 of mum and I when I was 2. Not one of the whole family and then no more with mum until I was an adult. Sorry to hijack the thread but its very important that all kids have a family photo.

  2. I'm enjoying all these fun photos.
    And I'm still giggling over what that little girl said to you about Santa being "your wife"! Too cute!
    Blessings, Patti Jo

  3. Oh I do have a funny. here we have candles in candlelight in the park before Christmas. many years ago the then pastor had 2 young kids who we sort of adopted. His wife was in the choir so I was helping look after them with him. I had his daughter in my lap and he his son. When I say candle light we used candles. Well the community gets to sing While Shephards watch there flocks by night well Shannon had his program a little close to the candle and it was going up in flames. I was about to comment when I just started blowing got the fathers attention and we got it out quick. For a long time I could not sing that song with a straight face.

  4. Great story, Jenny. Glad it ended without incident.
    CatMom-I still smile at my "wife" too.
    And Jenny, you're right. I have been derelict in not learning to use the new digital cameras but I'm getting better!


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