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Chuck and I work with the youth at our church, the Cowboy Church of Leon County. And we love it. We have lots of help and each year before Christmas the youth do a craft project for the residents of the local nursing home. When we deliver them we sing songs to the ladies and gentlemen residents and then hand the presents out and visit with everyone for a little while. It's one of my favorite things to do for the holidays from creation to presentation. Over the years we've decorated wooden crosses, plaques with Bible verses and this year we did plaques with old hymns decoupage on them. The kids add decorations and their own unique twist to each with all kinds of things: pebbles, flowers, beads, rope and wire crosses. I love watching the teens creating the gifts but then I love seeing them presenting them to the men and women also. It just blesses my soul.
Today was the day we went to nursing home and handed the gifts out for this Christmas. It was a great day. Here is one of the crosses from a couple of years ago.  (Its missing a rock that we had to glue back on but I think the boy who did this did a great job) Kids can do the coolest things sometimes. And I totally get a kick out of the high school boys who come in and really get into creating something when they truly didn't believe they weren't capable of it. What a blessing it is to see them end up enjoying themselves.   What is one of your favorite things to do during the Christmas season?
In my upcoming story, HER UNEXPECTED COWBOY on SALE December 17, book 2 of Cowboys of Sunrise Ranch, there is a scene where the boys of the ranch are not very excited about having to take art lessons from Lucy Calvert. I loved writing those art scenes and had many of the teen boys from our youth group on my mind as I wrote them. I believe you'll enjoy them too as the boys discover they have more to offer than they believe they do. I hope you'll order a copy today and enjoy Rowdy McDermott and Lucy Calvert's romance. And I'm wishing you each and everyone a wonderful and blessed Christmas as we celebrate the birth of  Jesus.
Falling For The Cowboy

Rowdy McDermott has a plan. Stay on the straight and narrow, help the foster boys on Sunrise Ranch and forget about love. The last thing he expects is his pretty new neighbor falling literally into his arms. Lucy Calvert is glad the handsome cowboy broke her fall,  but isn't ready for the feelings he's stirring in her heart. She's heard rumors about his past, and is steering clear from the kind of man he used to be. With a little help from his boys,  can Rowdy show her that people— and hearts—can change?

Cowboys of Sunrise Ranch:  These men have hearts as big as Texas.
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  1. What a great project! I'm sure the gifts were appreciated.

    Your book sounds so good! I live writing about teens.

  2. It is Missy! I wish I had some of the pictures of a bunch of the gifts but they were on my old computer and it was out in my office and it was too cold outside last night to go get it. lol I hate cold! I loved writing HER UNEXPECTED COWBOY. It has teens but also a touching romance and a message of healing and starting over.

  3. I went with our LTC (Leadership Training for Christ) group to sing for elderly this year. My son's in third and can join for the first time. I'm going to suggest using the old song books for an art project next year. What a great idea.

    Cool cover! Book sounds great. I just finished moving LIs to the top shelf at my local Albertsons. They were Novembers.

  4. Oh Pam its a cool project. The kids enjoy it and the elderly love them too. Another thing to get the little ones involved is a smaller wooden door hanger. Chuck cuts a 1x6 into 3" wide strips and we ad a wire hanger to the top and the little kids decorate them with stickers and glitter and flowers to hang on the doors or bed post. They turn out really cute lol of course the room is a mess when they are creating them because the kids tend to blow glitter all over the place! :)

  5. Love the outpouring of love at Christmas!

    Great to tie your real life ministry in with your books, Deb. The story sounds wonderful.

    Merry Christmas!


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