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A Special Christmas Moment

A Special Christmas Moment
By Margaret Daley

One of the special Christmas moments I look back fondly on was the one where my parents had an open house every Christmas Eve. Friends and relatives (children included) visited, laughed, talked and ate at my home. My mother cooked for days and put out quite a feast for the guests. I especially loved her homemade eggnog.

I can still remember on those Christmas Eves a fire going in the fireplace, the Christmas tree, full of decorations, all lit up and snow falling outside (some years). Every holiday when we put up our tree I love putting those old ornaments from my childhood on my tree. In fact, my Christmas tree is full of memories from my childhood, my son’s and places and people I’ve known. Decorating our tree is a journey into the past for my husband and me.

So when my cats tipped the Christmas tree over, I was not happy. When I walked into my living room and saw the mess, my mouth dropped open. I was totally surprised. I'm not sure which one was responsible, but boy were they curious about all the ornaments on the floor. I had to wait until my husband came home to right the tree. I was afraid to look at the ones that were broken--I thought most of them were. When we put it up, half of the ornaments were on the floor but surprisingly only three of them were broken. I couldn’t' believe more weren't broken. A lot of the old ones I had from my mother (over fifty years old) were glass ornaments. Not one of them broke.

So next year I'll be able to put up my tree and remember all the people and places that the ornaments remind me of. That is a special time when I decorate the tree.

What is one of your favorite memories of Christmas? 

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  1. Hi Margaret, you brought back a memory. Until dad died we would have things out for open house Christmas Eve. I don't remember it as much but I know how upset mum was the year after he passed away as we did the same thing and no one came. It seemed once Mum was a widow a lot of people stopped coming.

    I also have our Christmas decorations and was upset when one of the glass ones broke (more so it wasn't the pink one). I love looking at them as I have old and newer ones from travels.

    A favourite memory happened the year after dad died. There was another widow who's family we were close to. She knew how hard that first Christmas would be and invited us for lunch with her and her daughter and one married daughter and family. They had there family meal at night when the rest of the family could come. It was so special that we were included and we did that for about 7 years. It was a highlight of the day.

  2. Thanks, Jenny, for sharing your memories.

  3. Margaret, I'm so glad your mom's ornaments weren't broken! I have a lot of ornaments that my kids made when they were little and in preschool. I love those ornaments!


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