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Love Inspired Reader Luncheon

L to R: Lynette Eason, LI Senior Editor Melissa Endlich,
HQ VP Dianne Moggy, Marta Perry, Linda Goodnight,
Missy Tippens, Debby Giusti,
Jesica Nelson and Patty Smith Hall pose for a
picture at the Love Inspired Reader Luncheon.
Debby Giusti here!

Love Inspired Books hosted their first Reader Luncheon on Thursday, January 30, in Tampa, and I was thrilled to be able to attend.

Fellow authors Missy Tippens and Patty Smith Hall and I had planned to fly to Florida on Wednesday, but as you probably know, Atlanta shut down due to a snowstorm. Our flight was cancelled, and we were rescheduled for an early Thursday morning departure. I left my house at 5 AM, and although the roads were icy, I arrived at the airport safely and made the flight without problem. By 10 AM, we were at the hotel and excited about the day ahead.
My table: (seated L to R) Celie Ritchie and Jean Joynes,
(Standing L to R) Karen Gisetto, Debby, Erica Hernes,
and Julie Jeftich.
The ballroom was filled with enthusiastic readers eager to meet writers and talk about the Love Inspired books we all love to read. Each person who attended received a swag bag filled with goodies, including lots of books and cute Love Inspired coffee mugs. In addition, our wonderful publisher had copies of our latest releases for the readers, free of charge, and we had time to personally inscribe the books we gave away.
Julie Jeftich won my basket!
Erica Hearns won my giveaway on www.Seekerville.net
for a seat at my table.
Hors d’oeuvres were served while we mixed and mingled, and prior to lunch, the authors rotated tables at ten minute intervals—like Spin Dating—which gave us a chance to get to know more of the lovely ladies who attended. A few of the authors were on a Q&A Panel with the readers fielding questions and getting a behind-the-scenes glimpse into our lives as writers. The atmosphere throughout the day was warm and welcoming and filled with smiles and hugs and lots of laughter.
Debby's busy signing THE AGENT'S SECRET PAST. Notice all
the books the ladies in line are holding. Thank you, Love Inspired and
The Reader Luncheon was a special opportunity to make new friends and share our love for books, especially Love Inspired stories, with so many delightful readers.
Q and A Panel of (L to R) Marta Perry, Linda Goodnight,
Missy Tippens and Debby Giusti

In the Tampa airport, waiting for our flight home to Atlanta,
after a wonderful day with Love Inspired readers!
Thanks Dianne Moggy, Harlequin VP for Series Editorial and Subsidiary Rights, Love Inspired Senior Editor Melissa Endlich and Lucy Scinocca, Harlequin Direct-to-Customer Sales, for coordinating the luncheon. Thank you, Harlequin and Love Inspired Books, for creating a memory I'll always treasure.

Wishing you abundant blessings,
Debby Giusti

The books are waiting for the readers at the
Love Inspired Reader Luncheon!
By Debby Giusti 

Eight years ago, a drifter destroyed Becca Miller's ties to her Amish community—and murdered her family. Now a special agent with Fort Rickman's criminal investigation department, Becca knows her past has caught up with her and doesn't want to relive it. She's convinced that the killer, who supposedly died years ago, is very much alive and after her. Special agent Colby Voss agrees to help her investigate. Yet the closer they get to the truth, the closer the killer gets to silencing her permanently. 

On sale March 1! Pre-order here


  1. Oh, that looks so fun! I'm so sorry I missed it but couldn't be helped. I hope my table was covered by one of you! Maybe next time. I'm so happy that Love Inspired and Harlequin did this!

  2. Judging by the plentiful smiles, the luncheon must have been a blast for authors and readers alike. What a great idea. Thanks to Harlequin and Love Inspired for putting the event together.

  3. Thanks so much for the chance to attend, Debby! I believe Ms. Goodnight covered your table, Lenora. All of the authors present were a delight. I had a great time and look forward to the day when I can participate in a luncheon from the other side. There was so much encouragement and a love of books and writing shown during those few hours. I'm glad I could take part.

  4. That is so fabulous!! I hope they do one on the west coast!

  5. We missed you, Lenora!

    Thoughts and prayers with you and Don and family.

  6. Keli, it was such a special day. I loved every minute.

  7. Hi Erica,
    Such a joy to be with you at the luncheon. Keep writing!

  8. Terri,

    After the positive feedback from the readers who attended, I'm confident LI will host more luncheons! YAY!!!

  9. Looks like fun. Come to Atlanta next!

  10. Christina, wouldn't that be great! I think the next one will be in another area of the country. Maybe the Southwest or Northwest. Who knows.

    But I'm with you. Having a luncheon in Atlanta would be fabulous!

  11. Oh, how I wish I could have been there. Maybe as a reader, though. ;)

    I hope it was such a smashing success that they will do more of these luncheons.

  12. Looks like such fun, Debby. I'm grateful you all got there and back safely. This was a terrific idea. I'm glad it was a success!

  13. Im so behind. not sure what day it is anymore! This looks like so much fun. I wish the aussie authors would get together and do something like this. I now how much fun I had last year meeting some of you in Atlanta and then in Spokane.
    I would love to go to a luncheon like this.

  14. Mindy, bet they'll host one in the Dallas area. Wouldn't that be great!

  15. Mary, I could feel your prayers getting us there and back safely! thank you so much!

  16. Jenny, get Narelle working on a luncheon! :)

    Wouldn't that be great! How fun to bring in US authors too. Be still my heart!

    Loved being with you last year. Hope you're feeling stronger.

  17. It was an amazing day! I loved every minute.

  18. Debby I am meeting Narelle in Adelaide. She is coming with her husband and I am going up and staying overnight to meet her for the day in April will be so cool.
    I think the issue with Australia is where the authors are located.
    although I could get to both Adelaide or Melbourne but the other cities are to far away.

  19. There needs to be one in Arizona!!!! What great pictures and what fun you must have had. Truly awesome.

  20. I'm a few days behind commenting, Debby - - but wanted to say this looks like a wonderful time! SO thankful you all made it safely there and back (and you always look so pretty and calm!).
    Thanks for sharing the photos too--what a fun event.
    Hugs, Patti Jo

  21. Whew. I've been deep into edits and just now got back. Thank you, Linda Goodnight, for being there!

    I'm so glad it was a success!


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