Monday, February 3, 2014

You Asked for It ... Here it Is!

Leigh Bale here.  Many of you read my last book titled HEALING THE FOREST RANGER, which included Dal Savatch as a secondary character.  I've received so many kind emails asking me to write his story.  So, that's exactly what I did.  Dal's story is out this month and titled THE FOREST RANGER'S RETURN.  After being injured in Afghanistan, former U.S. Marine Dal Savatch thought he'd lost everything.  But working on a horse ranch for disabled children teaches him to appreciate the life he still has.  When the new forest ranger in town turns out to be Dal's first love, his tranquil world is turned upside down.  For years, Julie Granger's been carrying a painful secret that's prevented her from having what she wants most; a family.  Reuniting with Dal has her suddenly believing in dreams she thought were long buried. 

This poignant story deals with the trauma of PTSD in war and in life.  My son is a U.S. Marine and has many friends who have been injured in war.  But it occurred to me that some people can face serious trauma right here in the states and you don't have to go into battle to suffer PTSD symptoms.

Do you have any friends or family members serving in the military?  Or perhaps they've suffered some other kind of trauma right here at home?  It's a difficult issue.  My heart goes out to anyone who has such a trial in their life.

Best wishes.  And enjoy!  Leigh Bale


  1. How many of you watched the Super Bowl yesterday? Or, should I say, how many of your husband's watched the Super Bowl? The Seattle Seahawks won...who were you cheering for? :)

  2. Leigh, your story sounds wonderful!

    In THE SOLDIER'S SISTER, I wrote about PTSD and wounded warriors. So many readers emailed me with praise for addressing the topic. Some said they learned from the book. Others mentioned that they had a better understanding of PTSD after they read my story.

    You're so right, our wounded warrior suffer, but civilians do as well. Glad the light is finally starting to shine on a condition that touches so many.

  3. SB?? We watched a little....I prefer to
    I am excited about your new book, Leigh. I read a lot (159 last year) and need to take inventory and see where I stand in reading your books!!!
    Keep up the great writing!

  4. Debby, you are absolutely right. I think for so long, we've ignored the trauma our "wounded warriors" have suffered. As a nation, we were very cruel to our Viet Nam veterans. I think they taught us that we need to treat our warriors better and address their issues. They fought for our nation, after all. So, I'm hoping we'll get our military people the help they need. :)

  5. Jackie, I'm like you. I prefer reading...which is what I did after church while my husband watched the game. Or I should say, while I listened to the game in the background. My husband slept through most of it. I can't complain, though. Every Sunday, he serves so diligently to the members of our church. He deserved the rest. :)

  6. It was a interesting game

    I've been moving all the LIs up on the shelves at my local stores. Go Love Inspired!

  7. I got home late and watched part of the game. I loved the half-time show! And the commercials. :)

    Your book sounds wonderful, Leigh!

  8. Hopefully many women were reading LI's while their hubby's watched the game. :)


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