Monday, February 24, 2014

Why Romance?

Hey, y'all! Mindy Obenhaus here and I'm a sucker for a good happily ever after. Whether it's books or movies, for me a story must have some element of romance or I'm done. I just think that there is nothing more satisfying than two people defying the odds to find happiness together.

And here at the Craftie Ladies of Romance, I can bet I'm not alone.

So I asked a couple of my fellow Love Inspired authors a simple question.
Why do you write romance?

Lisa Jordan, author of Lakeside Reunion, Lakeside Family and Lakeside Sweethearts (out this June) said, "I write romance because I believe in promises of hope and happily ever after. From the time I was a little girl, I wanted the guy and girl to get together in the end. I wanted to create that same heart sigh with my readers that I experienced while reading romance novels. As a Christian, I want to write romances that glorify God and honor the love He models for us." 

Missy Tippens, author of Georgia Sweethearts and A House Full of Hope said, "I write romance because it has always been what I love to read. I love a romantic story with a happy ending."

So now it's your turn. Whether you're a reader, a writer or both, why do you read/write romance?

Mindy Obenhaus always dreamed of being a wife and mother. Yet as her youngest of five children started kindergarten, a new dream emerged—to write stories of true love that would glorify God. Her debut novel, The Doctor’s Family Reunion, released from Love Inspired Books in September and her second book, Rescuing the Texan's Heart, will be available September 2014. Learn more about Mindy at


  1. I write romance because when I tried to write other things, it creeped in and took over. I wrote a Star Trek TNG. Yup, it turned into a romance between Guinan and a Ferengi!

    And, remember, we all read Nancy Drew and even she had a neat boyfriend. I just can't remember his name although I do remember that Nancy's best friend was George and that even at a young age that messed with my mind LOL

  2. That is too funny, Pamela. And I know what you mean about the romance creeping in. I guess it's just a part of our make up.

  3. Love is so important, I think it is instilled within us and just has to come out. when a couple that both feel this same way get together it is so amazing.
    I love to read romance and the happy endings make me a happy woman.

    Paula O

  4. Paula, I couldn't agree more. Happy endings make me a happy woman, too. :)

  5. Pamela, thats so funny would love to see Guinan have a romance.
    Romances give hope to singles. Its also nice to read a light romance to escape.

  6. I think romances give hope to all of us, Jenny. Except for the cynics. A little escape is always good.

  7. Hi Mindy! Love is most important of all, so of course, all stories must have love and romance!


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