Thursday, February 20, 2014


Terri Reed here, popping in on the way out the door.  Is anyone watching the Olympics?
Last night the women's figure skating short program was awesome!! So many talented skaters.    Tonight its the long program...I can't wait! Unfortunately, I end up staying up to watch way past the time I normally go to bed so I'm tired today and will be tomorrow but its worth it!  Monday I stayed up to watched the men's aerial ski jumping because my hero in this months release is an aerial ski jumper.  What fun it was to watch!
I was so hoping the American Mac Bohonnon would medal.  But fifth isn't bad considering he's only 18 and wasn't planning on going to Sochi until the last minute.  I expect we'll see great things from this young man over the years.


  1. I was watching and will be tonight as the finals are on.

  2. I've been watching off and on. I made sure to watch the ice dancing part. Was thrilled for Meryl and Charlie.

  3. Love the Olympics! It's tough to say which is my favorite. Some of it is crazy, like the snowboard-cross, and the figure skating is gorgeous. Way to go, Meryl and Charlie! Terri, how fun that your aerial ski jumping hero's story comes out this very month. Perfect timing!

  4. You and I are the Olympic writers, Terri. Does that qualify us for some kind of medal? Ha! I've watched speedskating because I have a friend competing who let me pick her brain about that sport.

  5. Leann, the finals were so fun to watch. I was surprised by the outcome.

    Dawn, Meryl and Charlie were stunning to watch. All that hard work paid off!

    Christine, there are some crazy events. I wince and cringe every time someone crashes.

    Dana, how fun that you have a friend in the Olympics! Hope she does well.


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