Saturday, March 8, 2014

FEATURED BOOK: A Ranch to Call Home by Leann Harris

A Cowboy's Promise 
The thrill of the rodeo is gone for cowboy Caleb Jensen. Nowadays, he helps out at a Texas ranch, keeping bad memories locked away. Then the ranch owner's granddaughter unexpectedly returns home—with a request he can't accept. Former army captain Brenda Kaye is organizing a charity rodeo, and she needs Caleb to get back in the saddle. She's determined to save her family's ranch, even if it means working with the smart-aleck cowboy—and uncovering the mysteries that lie in their pasts. Brenda's used to the dangers of war, but if she trusts Caleb, could the next casualty be her heart? 
Rodeo Heroes: Only love can tame these cowboys 


  1. Sounds great and what a lovely cover!

  2. This story sounds wonderful, Leann! And I agree with Dana--it's a lovely cover!

  3. Beautiful cover! I'd love to visit that place. :)

  4. It's a great cover, but the ranch is west of Fort Worth. Ever driven that stretch of road?