Saturday, July 12, 2014


Her Perfect Match  
Successful businessman Griffin Haddon just wants a quiet place to start over again…alone. Griff doesn't realize that in a small town like Serendipity, Texas, solitude's hard to come by. Especially at Redemption Ranch, where the stunning Alexis Grainger struggles to keep her ministry for troubled teens afloat. The last thing Alexis needs is a distraction like slick city-boy Griff with his designer jeans and boots. But her meddling, matchmaking twin has other plans. As Alexis and Griff work to save the ranch, can they also heal his broken heart? 


  1. I love the names you used, Deb. Griffin is great. Redemption Ranch has such a lovely ring to it. And a town named Serendipity? Cool. Is it a real or a fictional town?

  2. Looks awesome, and you got a great cover. Lately I've been in a cowboy mood (or a least horses)

  3. Hi Kelli! I've been writing books set in Serendipity for awhile now. It's fake. :) But I wish it was real because I would LOVE to live there.

    Pamela, I've totally been in a cowboy mood lately, which I guess is good, since my next miniseries is all cowboys!


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