Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Hello, Jolene Navarro here. I hope summer is treating you well.

Tonight I was thinking about creating the perfect ending for my current characters. I love endings.

Everyone talks about the "hook". That opening scene that grabs the reader and won't let go. Building conflict and tension into each scene so they have to turn the page.

All with the purpose of getting the reader to the end of the story. The End.

I have to say a breathtaking ending is what drives me to look for the author's other books.

An ending that makes me want to linger with the characters and truly enjoy thier happy ever after. When you realize the pages are gone and you have to return to "real" life.

If the writer has done their job, you have fallen in love the the characters, you care about what happens to them, you want to be satisfied with an ending that everyone deserves.

It's the new way of life your characters have earned through their trails and growth.

One of my favorite romantic ending is from Shrek. Yes, Shrek.

He faces his greatest fear in front of the whole kingdom. He holds his heart out for all to see and risks a public rejection.  He earns that kiss. What I love is she thought she would permanently  become the "beautiful" princess, but instead she is the green orge.
She whispers. "I thought I'd be beautiful."
He smiles. "You are."

And of course they return to the swamp for the new way of life with all the happy other characters. That my friend is a happy ending. The hero ends up, not with what he wanted, but with what he needed to have a full life friendships and joy.

Romancing the Stone is one of my all time favorites. How can you beat a yacht parked in a crowed Manhattan street? Of course you have Jack in his alligator boots, waiting for Joan. He didn't just take her down to the harbor to see the boat - he brought it to her. A grand extravagant gesture that shows us their new way of life. So different than the opening scene.

Another on of my favorites is The Proposal.  She leaves, learning that marriage was a family affair and a true union not to be taken lightly. As we know he follows and in a space full of people that had hated her, he gives up his pride to ask her to date him for the rest of their lives. How can you not love him? In the picture it is the first proposal and it is her begging.

I work very hard to give each of my character a special ending just for them, an ending that reflects their personal journey.

What are some ending that have made you sigh? That made you want to start the story all over again?

May you have many happy ending that take you to new and exciting beginnings.

Jolene Navarro

My lastest book come out August 1st
Single mom Vickie Lawson is back in her Texas hometown, intent on making a better life for her children. But when her son's troubles lead childhood sweetheart Jake Torres to her door, she realizes her feelings for him never went away. Now a State Trooper, Jake vows not to be distracted by the beautiful woman who once held his heart. He's never revealed to her the secret that tore them apart. Jake fears if he does, she—and the whole town—will never forgive him. But if Vickie and Jake can untangle the past, they may have another chance at forever.
And a very happy ending....


  1. You just convinced me to rent The Proposal.

    I love, love, love Romancing the Stone.

    I've watched Shriek twenty-six times. I think I'm Shriek proof LOL.

    Loved your post :) Thanks for making me smile.

  2. Great food for thought for a writer, but I just can't resist pointing out the Freudian slip since Pamela made it too. The poor guy's name is Shrek. Shriek is what people do when they see him. :)

  3. LOL Thanks ladies. Late night + dyslexia = stupid error. :D I should not be allowed in public without and editor. Have a great day ladies.

  4. Great post, Jolene! I love that ending from Romancing the Stone also. What's not to love about a big sailboat on a New York street. We want to sail away with them - which of course leads right into the sequel.

  5. Jolene, I love ending, too! And you listed some of my favorites. Yes on Shrek!!! Perfect. :) Also The Proposal is one of my all-time favorites. :)

  6. I love sigh-worthy endings. That's why I'm such a die-hard romance reader. A Happy Ever After is a must for me. When a writer can make it unique, moving and/or memorable, as was the case in your great examples, that's even better.

  7. Endings are so much fun to write...especially for this suspense writer. After keeping my h/h in danger throughout the book, I love having everything turn out peachy keen in the end. Sunshine, flowers, birds chirping, guy and girl in doesn't get any better than that! :)

    Love the endings you mentioned. Oh and Sweet Home Alabama. Great beach scene that completes the circle back to the beginning of the flick. Then the epilogue is icing on the cake. I may have to watch that favorite again!

  8. Oh Debby, that is a great ending. I like it when the start and ending act as bookends for the story. It gives you a deep level of satisfaction.

  9. Romancing the Stone...sigh

    Well, you know what they say: The opening chapter gets you to read the book, the closing chapter gets you to read the next book :)

  10. I love HEA endings, but have read so many great ones that I can't begin to list them. I'll just go back to my favorites, Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice. Those books set the bar pretty high, draggin the poor hero and heroine through lots of trouble before bringing them together for ultimate happiness.


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