Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pursuing Your Dreams

Starting today, I'm in San Antonio, Texas for Romance Writers of America's annual conference. There's nothing better for a writer's soul than the opportunity to hang out with other writers. 

This will be my first RWA Conference since 2007. Back then, I was a novice writer in search of that elusive first book contract. I confess that there were times when my dream felt like nothing more than a pipe dream. Still, I kept writing and learning. I persevered through the rejections.

Seven years since my last RWA Conference, I am honored to be returning as not only a published author, but a soon-to-be multi-published author. All because of that dream.

Dreams don't come true just because we want them to. They take nurturing, hard work, sometimes tears and a thick skin. There is no path of least resistance. There will be challenges. Challenges that have to be faced head-on in order to come out stronger on the other side.

When my dream of becoming a published author took root, I had no idea it would take me almost 9 years to see it come to fruition. But the joy and satisfaction of that first contract was so worth the effort.

It wasn't until after I got that call from my editor that I realized I'd taught my children a valuable lesson. My youngest child was 5 when I started writing, so they'd witnessed my entire journey. The ups and downs, the heartaches and joys. Then they saw their mother's dream come true. Because I refused to give up.

In my September 2014 release, Rescuing the Texan's Heart, both my hero and heroine experienced the death of a dream. Only to have God restore them in ways they never imagined. After all, He is the ultimate dream giver. :-)

Have you ever had a dream? Did you pursue it or leave it languishing in the dust somewhere along the way? If you achieved your dream, what challenges did you face along the way?

Here's wishing that all your dreams come true.

~Mindy Obenhaus~

Coming September 2014

Melting his heart.

Cash Coble is desperate for a change. After working in the family business for ten years, he's stressed out and overworked. When he heads to Colorado to visit his ailing grandfather, he finds his mood lifted by the beautiful woman living next door. After a troubled past, ice climber Taryn Purcell isn't looking for love. Especially not with a charming Texan who's consumed by work. But there's something about Cash that captures her heart. Never one to back down from a challenge, Taryn promises to show Cash how to carve out a happy life—one that includes her.


  1. When I got my first publishing comment, someone said, "I couldn't possibly take all that time away from my children!"

    I told her I'd taught my children the most powerful lesson they'd ever learn: the power of perseverance, hard work and dedication.

    Someday, I know they'll follow their own dreams!

  2. Hi Mindy! What a great lesson for your children. So much of success is rooted in perseverance. Too many give up before the dream comes true. I count 15 years between the first rejection letter and the first sale call, so I know a little about perseverance. For those still clinging to the dream, hold on tight and cherish your writer friends walking beside you. Their encouragement is essential. Also know that God's timing is perfect, even when we can't understand why those around us achieve their dreams while we don't. Even after publication, it's still a journey, not a destination.

    Mindy, enjoy every moment of the conference.

  3. I'm so happy for you, Mindy. You persevered, received that long-awaited contract and taught your children a valuable life lesson in the process.

    My dream was similar to yours: become a traditionally published author. I began writing when our daughter was a freshman in high school and sold my first book when she was a sophomore in college. I like to think that pursuing my dream was what gave her the impetus to pursue hers, which she did. She spent last year living and working in France, and will live and work in Austria during the coming school year.

  4. Congratulations, Mindy! I say the same about teaching my children perseverance in pursuing their dreams. My youngest daughter actually got published (in magazines and short stories) and won writing contests before me! (while still a teenager). But what fun it is now to have someone to lament to who understands when writing block sets in. :D

  5. So great to meet you today! Great post.

  6. One of my favorite things about conference was meeting you! I'm gonna dig your book out of my pile (think 1000) and move it to the top.

  7. Well, it only took me week to get over here and check in. Sheesh. Blame it on conference brain.

    Sometimes, the best examples we set for our children are done unintentionally. But thank God He's always at work. Even when we're clueless.

    One of my favorite parts of conference was meeting so many Craftie Ladies. I'm honored to be associated with such an amazing bunch of women. :)


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