Friday, July 4, 2014

Friday Sisterhood with Deb Kastner

Family Status: I’ve been blessed to be married for 27 years with 3 grown daughters and 2 adorable grandchildren.
What Is Your Favorite Beverage: Plain black dark-roast coffee—and the occasional Mountain Dew. Had to cut out that soda habit.
What Is Your Favorite Food: Mexican
What Is Your Favorite Thing to do During Free Time: What is free time? There is no such thing in my life. On the rare times I’m able to do something for myself I enjoy going on dates with hubby Joe to dinner theater see a musical.
Who Has Been the Most Influential Person in Your Life: After Jesus, my husband Joe. He’s been there through all my highs and lows.

First Book You Fell in Love With: The whole Chronicles of Narnia series. I got them as a set one Christmas and read them all straight through. I also remember my first Harlequin book. I think I was about twelve and was on vacation to a very small town in Oregon where my relatives live. There was a small circular rack of books in the drugstore. I picked out a Harlequin Historical called Sophie and the Prince, which was set in Russia. It was the beginning of my journey into a love of romance novels.
A Book You Wish You’d Written: Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers.
First Book Published: Beloved from Multnomah Palisades was my very first book published. My first book for Love Inspired was A Holiday Prayer, which received a 4 ½ star Top Pick from Romantic Times magazine.
Most Recent Book: Her Valentine Sheriff was a February release for Love Inspired.
Out Next: Redeeming the Rancher in July.
How Many Have You Written: 27 
What Do You Know Now That You Wish You’d Known Then: To enjoy the process of writing and the joy that comes with it. While I’m incredibly blessed to be writing for Harlequin, writing on deadline is not always fun. I sometimes look back to my prepublished days with a bit of nostalgia, simply writing for writing’s sake.
 What is Your Favorite Bible Story: The Last Supper
What is Your Favorite Bible Verse: Psalm 37:4&5
What is Your Favorite Hymn: I’m a long-time member of the church choir. Music is such an integral part of my life that I simply can’t pick one song. I love the old hymns like, “How Great Thou Art” and newer ones such as, “In the Breaking of the Bread,” plus a lot of newer praise and worship music.
Granny and Anthony

What is an Ongoing Prayer Request You Have: For the Lord’s protective covering over me and my family and that my words would be honoring to God and edifying to others. 


  1. Deb, it's great to get to know you. I can understand why Francine Rivers' Redeeming Love is a favorite for you. I just read it for the first time recently, and it's captivating.

    I look forward to reading your books. Have a lovely Fourth of July.

  2. Happy celebrating to all my American friends here!

    Deb, lovely to learn more about you. Your grandchildren are adorable.

  3. Deb, so nice getting to know you!

    Redeeming Love is a favorite book of mine, as well!

    Happy Fourth of July to all!

  4. I'm really enjoying meeting you and all of the other LI authors.

    And, on pain of being a me-too-er, I'm with you, Debby, and Carolyn about Redeeming Love.

  5. So fun to get to know you and your family better, Deb! Love the photos!

  6. I enjoyed getting to know more about you, Deb. Like you, I enjoy Mexican food. Do you have a favorite dish?

  7. Deb, nice to get to know you. You sound like you have a plateful.

  8. Thanks everyone for your comments! I'm loving the Friday sisterhood and getting to know more about my fellow Love Inspired authors.

    Keli--I like many different Mexican dishes, but if I had to choose, it would be cheese and onion enchiladas smothered with green chili. Yum!

  9. Those enchiladas sound yummy, Deb. Makes me hungry just thinking about them. :-)

  10. Hi Deb, it is so nice to learn a little more about you and to meet your husband, Joe. He is a handsome one and sounds like a keeper!!! Taking you out to dinner and a that is what I call a gem of a man! Congratulations on your 27 yrs of wonderful marriage. Your grand-children are adorable!
    I just started reading LI about 3 yrs ago and have read 3 of your books, The Marine’s Baby, The Nanny’s Twin Blessings, and Her Valentine Sheriff. All of which I have truly enjoyed! I look forward to reading your new one coming out and would be delighted to be a winner. May God continue His Blessings on you and your delightful family! Congratulations on being featured on Craftie Ladies!

  11. I, too, am loving the Friday Sisterhood.....hope it continues!!

  12. Loved getting to know you better, Deb!

  13. Deb, it's good to learn more about about you. And I love the picture of you and your little grandson. Aren't grandchildren...well, grand?!


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