Sunday, August 28, 2016

Allie Pleiter on "Book People"

Ah, the joy of book people.

I’ve been in Nashville Tennessee this week attending the American Christian Fiction Writers conference, which means I’ve spent the last two days around book people.

I love book people.  I am a book person, and nothing makes me happier than to sit around and talk books with other book people.  Sure, I’m a writer, but I go all fan-girl on the author of my latest literary crave just like every other reader.  I suspect I made a fool of myself gushing to Kristy Cambron over The Ringmaster’s Wife, a splendid book that’s been my audiobook companion on the long drive to Nashville. 

My DestiKNITions blog sends me on yarn- and not-so-yarn-related adventures when I travel, and Nashville was no different.  Which is how Lenora Worth, Lynette Eason, and I found ourselves making a quick little excursion yesterday morning to a donut shop and a bookstore.  When we all walked into the bookstore, we all instinctively stopped, inhaled that marvelous scent that all bookstores have, and smiled.  Home.  Books.  Our kind.

It’s fun to watch Lynette win an award.  I love to teach The Chunky Method and help writers discover their productivity.  It’s great to get a chance to promote my latest Love Inspired novel and my new indie series.  All these things are good.

But spending three days in the company of book people and books?   That’s the best of all.

What about you?  Where do you meet your fellow book people?


  1. Allie, the conference sounded like a blast. As for me, I've made so many book friends online. Whether it's Facebook or Harlequin's forums, book people seem to gravitate to each other.

  2. Online is a great way to meet book people, is t it?

  3. It is. One day, hopefully I'll get to meet everyone in person.

  4. It was great meeting you, Allie!! I love being with book people too!

  5. Love me some book people!! I love libraries and bookstores. Books make me feel safe. Had a blast with all my book friends!!

  6. Thanks for the lovely post, Allie.

    The thing I miss most about going to a conference is not getting a chance to be with my book people.

    When I can't attend a conference, I'm generally okay with it - until the photos start rolling in. That's when the sadness hits. You can get the workshops on tape, but there's no way of making up for the time with people who get you.

    Chatting with friends via text and email while watching the live feed online is one way of getting some of the feeling.

    I'm so glad you all had such a great conference.

  7. I want pictures! I so wanted to go this year. I've never been to Nashville. But, this past week my students returned to the classroom and it was not a time I could miss. So glad RWA is in the summer when I can go.

  8. Pam, I'm posting on WED and will include pics. I love, love, loved the conference! The workshops were good, but being with other writers and readers was the highlight of the week for me!

    I came home tired but happy!


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