Thursday, August 11, 2016

Celebrate Son and Daughter Day

According to checkiday,com, today is Son and Daughter Day, a day to spend with your son or daughter. No presents, please. It's not a day of gift giving--except for the gift of time.

I don't have particular plans with my son or daughter today. But my son and I volunteered together at our church's semiannual book sale this past weekend. And my daughter, granddaughter, and I plan to go shopping together--something we haven't done in a long time--at Lee Premium Outlets this Saturday.

I'm fortunate to have both of my children (and grandchildren) close by. Do you have plans with your children this week?

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  1. Good morning, Jean.

    I love these random days to celebrate. Some are silly, but they are also a sweet reminder to take the time to celebrate the big and little things in our lives that we often take for granted whether it's a pet, an ice cream cone, or like today, a child.

    My daughter is helping my husband at work today because of the intense heat here. My other daughter and I will have dinner together tonight. I guess within the family, we've got the day covered.

    Hope you and your daughter have fun at the outlet.

  2. I'm surprised Hallmark hasn't jumped on this one.

    I just sent the Mikester off to school. Tonight we'll play video games together and maybe I can guilt him into walking HIS dog with me. LOL

  3. I'm letting my youngest have a date night with her boyfriend and am watching my Boo. I never know what we'll end up doing together, but he has such a bright imagination for a five year old.

    Thanks for the great post!

  4. Thanks for letting us know what today is. I didn't know. I have both grown children home right now so we'll be together off and on all day. I love spending time with my kids. They are amazing and fabulous. Of course I'm a biased. :-)


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