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What Writers Do Besides Write

Pamela Tracy here and I'm already working on my next book.

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If you are, indeed, thinking that, then I send hugs and kisses your way.  If you're thinking "Oops, I forgot to order it," I included the link above.  Email me separate if you want the hugs and kisses sent.

It's not just writing, though, that a writers does.  Or research for that matter.

Sometimes, it's filling the well, sitting with other authors, and learning who they are, what they do, how they do it, and where.

This past weekend I attended the Sisters-in-Crime conference in Phoenix, Arizona.  I've gone the past four years and it gets better every year.  How do they do that?

This is the flyer for this year.  I think I'll beg to be on it next year.
You might recognize Cynthia Hickey's smiling face.  She's an inspy author.
Also, there's Holly Lorincz who does work for Chip MacGregor

This is my table from Friday night.  I only knew Deb Uribe who is standing next to me.
I met Mike and Patricia for the first time.
Deb is about to send off her first completed book.
Patricia self publishes cozies
And Mike was at his first writers meeting ever.
I learn so much from people just beginning the journey.
Sometimes, I forget the wonder of taking a first step, feeling both amazed and inadequate.

I think my favorite thing was meeting Alex Kava.
See, she's from my hometown of Omaha, Nebraska.
No, I didn't grow up knowing her.
Cool beans, though, my birth mother is always talking about Kiva's writing.
I purchased a book and will soon read it.
I'm pretty sure it will scare me.
No, I'm very sure it will scare me.  I read the first five pages while sitting at the table listening to her.

Jan Burke was another favorite moment.
See, I read her before I was a writer.
I read her when reading was my favorite hobby.
Yup, I bought a book.
I took three pages of notes during her talk.
Next time I post, I'll tell you about skulls and spiders.
Oh, my.
The conference ended with a writing panel.
Lots of discussion on plagiarism and piracy.

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In the meantime
Read a book
Eat some chocolate
Write four pages
Comment on my blog post

What valuable advice have you learned when filling the well, whether at a writers' conference, a church service, or even your child's PTA group (I can't begin to tell you what I've learned there - mainly DON'T RAISE YOUR HAND)


  1. Pamela, my oldest granddaughter (10) holds church service for us on Saturdays. We go through scriptures and then give our thoughts on them. Its such a blessing and amazing how much she comprehends. My well is filled each week.

  2. Pamela, I love the way you filled your well! I haven't been to any writer's conferences this year and I miss the camaraderie.

    After this unrelenting heat wave we've been having, your Thanksgiving Heartwarming cover makes my feel like taking a cool sip of water from my well. *sigh* cooler times ahead.

    This summer I've spent a good amount of time reading. I've binged on Allison Brennan's Lucy Kinkaid series. I love when a book pulls me in so much that I make excuses for everything else I'm supposed to be doing. Do you think my editor will understand? Better get back to work. I've got way more than 4 pages to accomplish today.

    I've always meant to read one of Alex's books. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Conferences are a great way to refill the well. Since I write historicals, I also enjoy going to historic sites and museums.

    It looks like you had a great time at Sisters in Crime!

  4. Mary,
    You nailed it. I got the "fill your well" reference from church. You should film the 10 year old. I've an 11 year old and he's old enough to help with Lord's Supper at ours.

  5. Cate,
    I'm lucky (or not) to live in the 3rd largest city in the USA. There's at least 10 big writing groups and most of them have events.
    Tell me more about Allison Brennan's Lucky Kinkaid. Right now I'm addicted to Julie Moffat's Lexy Carmichael. I bought Moffat's first book at the RT conference and already I'm reading book 7 in the series. They're that good.

  6. Christine,
    Best kind of fun. My hubby and I love doing that, our 11 year old, not so much.

  7. Pamela, the SINC conference looks like it was wonderful! I read Alex Kava's first MIRA single title. How fun that she lives in your hometown!

    I'm heading to ACFW next week. Excited to see everyone. Hope to pick up lots of writing gems while there.

    Today I'm posting on Seekerville and talking about how writers get "into" their stories. I queried a few other writers for their input and the various answers gave me ideas on how their immersion processes work. Sharing tips is always good, IMHO!

    Also attended a powerful Women's Prayer Breakfast on SAT. Laura Sobiech spoke. Her son, Zach, wrote and recorded "Clouds," during his battle with cancer. (Check out her website: Her talk and her son's story moved me deeply. No doubt some part of what she shared will play a role in one of my future stories. Writers use everything, don't we! Nothing is wasted.


  8. Pamela, It's so great to see the young ones excited about serving God. I'll have to film her at one of her services. And helping out with the Lord's Supper is quite and honor.

  9. Writer's conferences are always good for filling the well. This year I'm not attending any. I've been filling my well in another way. Lots of travel. It's a great way to observe people and learn new things and see new places.

  10. Pamela, I need to join the Sister In Crime. I'd love to attend the conference. And I love Alex Kava. I met her here in Florida at a book signing. She sometimes comes to her home near here. A friend told me about her books and loaned me one he got at the library. I was hooked. I also visited with her at the Barbara Vey readers luncheon. Her table was right by mine. Fan girl moment!!!

    You'll have to alert Gail Martin about the conference. She is moving to Sedona in a few weeks.

    Nice blog!

  11. Debby, I wish I were going to ACFW, but school just started and no way can I take off the first week of classes.

  12. Merrillee,
    Come to Phoenix. It's not that much of a drive. Our ACFW chapter has both Tina Radcliff and Cynthia Hickey scheduled to speak :) We'd love to have you.

  13. Lenora,
    I really enjoy sisters in crime, mostly because I'm just a member, haven't taken on any responsibilities. I've raised my hand too much at the other places. LOL

    My bucket list has me attending a Barbara Vey luncheon.

    I do know Gail. She's been back and forth to Sedona for a few years.

  14. Sounds like a fun conference. I know many writers will be heading to Nashville next week for the ACFW conference. I sooo wish I was joining them. But I'm hope working on coming up with a new series and other stuff.
    Something I learned this past summer at the RWA conference came from Mary Burton. She writes like I do. Even does a flow chart of plot points. She said write your sloppy copy with no editing, then you can go back. This is how she writes so fast. I do that but I do also edit every few days because I don't want to wait and the story changes as I go.

  15. Terri, I remember you mentioning that you write a fast rough draft and that's what you hang your story on. Did I get that right?

    Your process is similar to mine! Great minds...maybe. :)


  16. Pamela, the Lucy Kincaid series is pretty gritty. I found a copy of one of the books on my shelf. I have no idea when I bought it, but I picked it up to read and that was the end of a couple of days for me. I was so totally hooked that I immediately bought the next one on Kindle so I didn't have to wait for the paperback to arrive. :)

    Lucy in an FBI agent with lots of family connections and a hunky (and rich) boyfriend/fiance who helps out a lot. The relationship remind mes a lot of Eve and Roarke in the way they interact, but the stories are set in current day Texas and deal with the drug cartels.

  17. I've been filling my well recently by spending lots of time with our daughter. She returned at the beginning of the summer after having spent three years living and working in Europe. We've been busy shopping for her first apartment, and now I'm helping her move in. When I return to my writing, I'll have a fresh perspective thanks to the time I've spent with our one and only.

  18. Terri,
    Oh, the English teacher in me would never allow a sloppy copy LOL
    I'm busy on a proposal, too. Never enough time in the day.

  19. Debby,
    You're always a great mind.

  20. Cate,
    I'm good with a certain degree of gritty. I'm reading a Preston Child right now and biting my nails.
    I listened to a JA Jance audio on my drive to RT. Had to stop and listen to country music just to stop being scared.
    I'll pick up the first Lucy and see what I think.

  21. Keli,
    I have a one and only, too. Every day is a new adventure.

  22. Pamela, the one Preston & Child that I read turned out to be a Zombie book. Was not expecting that!

  23. I just finished the Child tonight. It wasn't a zombie but maybe a monster would have been better LOL.


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