Thursday, December 1, 2016

25 Days of Christmas

Hello Terri Reed here. Today, December 1st begins the 25Days of Christmas. 
This is the day I pull out my copy of The 25 Days of Christmas by Rebecca Hanford Bauer. 
Do you have a special way to count down to Christmas?  

If you're planning to start an advent calendar today is the day. 

Are you going out of town? Best to finalize your arrangements tonight, tomorrow at the latest. 

Sing a carol, light a candle and read a Bible verse. May your Christmas be merry and bright. 


  1. We're having a big Advent by Candlelight celebration at church tomorrow evening. My daughter and I are hosting a table for twelve. We'll decorate our table tomorrow morning, and the guests arrive for a 4 PM service, followed by dinner, then a talk from a nationally known speaker, Dr. Ralph Martin. The evening ends with desert and coffee. Two of our large halls will be filled with festive tables lit by candlelight and focused on this time of preparation. It's always a lovely evening.

    I enjoy giving my grandchildren German Advent Calendars with chocolate treats behind each day's "door." We started the tradition with our own children when we lived in Germany and now continue with their little ones.

  2. A friend sent me an Advent Calendar that updates daily and allows me to decorate and hear music and virtually walk through a seaside village. It's a Jackie Larson creation and I'm really enjoying it!

  3. Debby, the candlelight celebration sounds fabulous. And the advent calendar is so fun.

    Lenora, that is such a cool idea. I'll have to check it out.

  4. Jackie Larson's work is lovely. I'm sure her Advent Calendar is perfect for those living on the ocean! Perhaps we should all visit you, Lenora, to enjoy it as well! :)



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