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Christmas Reunion -- Craftie Ladies of Love Inspired -- Barbara Phinney

Hello, readers. We're happy to share our gift to you, a short Christmas story that will run from today through December 21st. Please join us and comment each day to win what we call a Book Blast. We will pick two names and if you win, you'll get books mailed to you from our authors. Several books!!! So come back often and enjoy our gift to you!

And now....

Christmas Reunion
Chapter Two
Barbara Phinney

Jericho pushed the wheelchair over the threshold as if it were a mere’s child’s toy. His grin shone as he passed her. That same cocky, love-me-the-way-I-am attitude from years gone by. Before that one Christmas.
Her heart sank, then flipped. Then sank again.
“Don’t just stand there, Grace,” her grandfather growled. “Help me into my easy chair.”
Snapping out of it, Grace hurried over to where Jericho was easing Grandpa out of the wheelchair. She gaped open-mouthed at both men.
“Jericho is your aide? When did that happen?”
“Sometime between the time you dragged me to that nursing home and now.”
“It’s not a nursing home,” she automatically corrected him. “It’s a retirement center. And you like it there. All your old fishing buddies are there telling wild tales of the one that got away.”
Grandpa Jeb wagged an arthritic finger at her. “They’re all lies. Except mine.” He grinned up at Jericho. “Remember that Christmas we drilled that hole in the ice and nearly caught that giant sturgeon?” He spread out his arms. “It was at least five feet.”

Grace rolled her eyes. “It was a baby trout.” She sighed. “Well, since you’re both here, you may as well help with the decorations.” She dumped a tangled ball of lights into her grandfather’s lap. “Untangle this.”
Image result for tangle of christmas lights
She then steeled her glare at Jericho. “And you-”
“I have to bring in the suitcases.” Jericho lifted both hands and with a wink, walked toward the door.
Leaving her grumbling grandfather, Grace hurried up behind Jericho. He turned, his brows raised in question.
She shoved him over the threshold and followed him outside before shutting the door.
“What are you doing here?”
“I’m your grandfather’s aide,” he answered smoothly. “The retirement center hired me.”
“Jeb’s not a small man, and the center felt he would respond better to a man who knows him than one of the female aides. Besides, times like this week coming, when we won’t have the lift to assist in moving him, he needs someone with muscle.”
She opened her mouth to argue that she could help her grandfather, but shut it again. Jericho was right. Grandpa Jeb needed a man. Grace opened her mouth again. “Why you? You’d left town after…after that Christmas.”

A shadow of something danced in his eyes. His serious eyes, the color of the lake at midnight, and Grace knew what he was remembering.

She flushed, recalling that night before Christmas, years ago, when someone hung a large ball of mistletoe from the rafters, and she’d found herself under it by accident. 

When she’d looked up and then across the room to-

“Yeah, I left town. In case you forgot, I left the country.” Jericho turned and headed down the ramp she’d had installed. “And we both know why.”
Swallowing, Grace stepped backward, closer to the door. 
Image result for log cabin winter lake mountains

Jericho turned at the large van parked just feet away. That cocky attitude was gone. His expression had turned dark, hurting. “Don’t worry, Grace. Your secret is safe with me.” 


  1. oooh wow...intrigue. what is the BIG secret? the possibilities running through my head, looking forward to tomorrow

  2. I know!! I'm also wondering what the big secret is, and I wrote this! I bet Jericho is involved somehow, as is the town of Reunion. But how?

  3. Love the baby trout and want to know what the secret is. Can't wait!

  4. A man of some honor, it appears. I'll be back tomorrow for more.

  5. I can't wait to read tomorrow's installment. Thanks for stopping by, everyone!

  6. Oh, this is good! Can't wait for tomorrow's installment!

  7. You left me in quite a pickle, Barbara.
    Margaret, who is writing chapter 3 of the story.

  8. Ooooh, a secret. Can't wait to read how Margaret deals with that!

  9. Well it seems there is some history that we need to know with the aide for Gramdpa and his granddaughter. these chapters are flowing right along by different authors...love it.

    Paula O

  10. The suspense... What is the secret?


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