Thursday, December 29, 2016

Baby, It's Cold Outside: Not Really

Howdy, Pamela Tracy here, and I live in sunny Arizona.

Yup, that's right.  I haven't shoveled snow in a decade.  And, my family literally gets in hubby's car and drives for an hour just to play in snow.  Then, when we get cold, it's back in the car and return to T-shirt and jeans weather.

That doesn't mean we don't appreciate the ambiance of the season.

The weekend before Christmas we head to Williams and the Polar Express.
Here, my son accept hot, hot, hot chocolate

We've arrived at the North Pole.
No, I didn't allow my son to disconnect our car from the rest of the train

Here's Santa discussing Naughty and Nice with my son

The next day, once we got off the train and slept
we headed to Jerome, Arizona, explored back roads
We found a cool bridge over a stream

In Phoenix, we went to the best Christmas house in town.
Nope, not ours.  Isn't it cool!

This is my favorite.
And, yes, my 11-year-old often asks me if there's still a Santa Clause.
As for me, I still hear the bell.

Back home, I remember that besides falling in love with a handsome man,
I fell in love with a plumber!
This is Christmas Eve.

This is today.
I am losing my patio.  Seems that where the pipe broke is not a good place.
Me?  I'm thinking new patio!
Hubby is thinking that the broken cement look is workable.
Note that he is wearing a long sleeve shirt because Baby, it's cold outside.
So, what is it like where you're at?

Pamela Tracy writes for both Love Inspired and  Heartwarming.  Her next release is Holding Out for a Hero, an April 2016 release.


  1. Great post, Pamela. What a lovely way to spend the holiday on the Polar Express. Here in Texas it was 80 degrees on Christmas. My ten year old granddaughter was in a bathing suit.

  2. We had balmy 40s for the Christmas weekend, but back to Upstate NY normal now, with 3 to 5 inches of snow predicted for today.

  3. Mary,
    My son is wearing shorts :) Not sure we hit 80 as there's been a lot of rain.

  4. Jean,
    Make an angel for me? With big wings.

  5. our christmas is with fans n air con due to 33 degrees celceius down under

  6. Oh, The Polar Express looks fun. My girls would have loved something like that.

    We're living in a world of mixed up weather. It was 40s on Christmas, then hit 60s on Tuesday. Today it's 30s and rain rain rain.

    I'd rather it be snow, but the rain is a good excuse to stay in and read and write.

  7. Love the pics and the info about your holiday travel. Your son is getting so big! Why do they grow up so quickly?

    GA has been balmy, but today was windy and cold. Brrrr! Winter has arrived.

  8. Scrap, I love the way you say "type" down under. Fans are a wonderful thing. We have them in every room.

  9. Cate,
    We've done it every year since Mike was 3 and will do it again next year. As long as Mike is willing, we are. Oh, don't you just love it when the clouds are gray and heavy with rain.

  10. Debby,
    You've been following Mike's progress since day one, haven't you. I don't know why he's growing up so quickly. Sometimes, I look at him and he's a little man. Then, he still crawls in my lap and we watch telly together, and I thank Lord for this amazing miracle of a son.

    Did I ever tell you my dad was born in Georgia?

  11. I love train rides, so much better than plane rides.


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