Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A Rose By Any Other Name

Patricia Davids here wishing you a happy summer and loads of beautiful flowers.

 I have a passion for roses. I love the old-fashioned kind that grows in the back corner of my neighbor's yard and spills wonderfully fragrant blooms over the fence each summer. Sadly it only blooms once but it is worth the wait every year. Two large yellow rose bushes grace the front of my house. Sorry I don't have a picture of them.

I adore archways covered with climbing roses that beg me to sit and read poetry beneath them. I would happily share the space with a bee but more than two will send me inside.

Pictures don't do justice to these beauties in my mother's garden but they can sometimes remind me to stop and smell the roses. Things of beauty surround us and yet we hurry past without looking intent on our own troubles. I'm sure the roses don't mind.

If you aren't a gardener perhaps you enjoy the rose best when it come to your door as a nice surprise such as this "Get Well" gift from my agent when I was in the hospital last year. Nothing brightens the day for me like a yellow rose. I carried them in my wedding as my mother did before me.

I hope you've had a chance to read my latest book from Love Inspired. I'd love to hear what you thought about it, good or bad.

One Amish proverb says, "Don’t grumble because roses have thorns: rejoice because thorn bushes have roses."

Do you have a favorite flower?


  1. I loved your rose photos. Heirloom roses are my favorite roses. Zephirine Drouhin is almost purple, spicy fragrant and thornless. My favorite flower, though, is a tulip. And I don't think any yard can have too many blue hydrangeas. Thanks for sharing your flowers and memories. Love your book cover.

  2. Lisa, thanks for your comment. I used to live near Belle Plaine KS where the Bartlett Arboretum is located. Every spring we attended the tulip festival where they had literally thousand of tulips on display in the gardens. Awesome place to visit.

  3. Thanks for sharing the flowers.

  4. I share your love of roses. I have two rosebushes in my side garden that are blooming with red roses. I carried red roses in my wedding and my attendance carried white roses. And I live in the city of roses. Portland Oregon is known as being the rose city. We have a beautiful public rose garden that has every kind of rose imaginable. It's a wonderful place for weddings or just to go and wander.

  5. Love the walk through your yard. No flowers here, but it's going to 118 today in sunny Arizona. I've flowers indoors, though :)

  6. I loved your roses. They're my favorite flowers, too. I love all varieties, although the Castilian roses are my favorite. I have not read your book yet, but I just bought it this morning.

  7. Beautiful roses, Patricia! I've always wanted a rose garden. But, alas, I'm not much of a gardener.

  8. Such beautiful roses! I love plants...Boston and asparagus ferns grace my front porch interspersed with red and white geraniums. They bring joy to my heart! Inside, I love to keep fresh flowers, often roses. Our local Fresh Market sells them for a very reasonable price so I HAVE to buy them, right?

    So thrilled that my Plain Danger was re-issued with your story, The Shepherd's Daughter. Lucky me!!!

  9. Great post. Funny, I'd just sat down at my desk to write about roses on another group blog for tomorrow's post. And I just finished a short story about roses for a fundraising project with my former RWA Chapter. Now I've read your lovely post and enjoyed your beautiful pictures. So I have roses on my mind. We planted some knock-out roses this spring and I enjoy seeing them out my office window. My husband loves thoses.