Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Hi, everybody! Louise M. Gouge here. I’ve been published by Love Inspired Historical line since 2009. As of this October, I will have fifteen books under this imprint, and I couldn’t be prouder of that association. Because LIH is closing as of June 2018, I’m hoping to make the transition to LI. At present, I’m working on a proposal for a contemporary rancher/cowboy series set in my mythical town of Esperanza, Colorado, where six of my LIH books are set. 

On Monday of this week, we pointed to other books by our Love Inspired authors, so today I’d like to tell you about one of mine. Hannah Rose was published in 2005 by David C. Cook (formerly Cook Communications) and was the recipient of the IRCA first place award in historical fiction, plus other awards. Out of print now, it is still available as an ebook for any device. It’s available here at a special promotional price of $1.50. Although this is the second book in my Ahab’s Legacy series, it is also a stand-alone story.

Louisburg Square
So what’s this story about? Hannah Oldweiler married an attractive, wealthy older man who turned out to be far different from what she’d thought. His pride and foolishness led to his death. Now Hannah must forge a way in the world for herself and her son. She moves to Boston’s Louisburg Square, hoping for a quiet life. Although she has no plans to remarry, she meets two attractive men who might change her mind: kind and warm Captain Lazarus and dashing Captain Longwood. But before she can consider remarrying, Hannah has another encounter that shakes the very foundation of all she believes: slavery. Before she can go on with her life, Hannah must face her own convictions. Will she choose a life of ease and luxury? Or will she choose to join the abolitionists and risk her safety and the future of her beloved son? (I took this photo of a Louisburg Square townhouse when I was on my research trip for Hannah Rose.)

Please leave a comment to be entered in my drawing for a print copy of Hannah Rose. Or you can choose a print copy of my current LIH release, Cowboy Homecoming. For your comment, please tell me what settings you prefer and why. Historical? Contemporary? European settings? American West? We authors want to know!

Disclaimer: I need at least ten people to comment before my drawing, so tell your friends to drop by. Also, due to exorbitant mailing costs, the winner must be a U. S. resident. Sorry!


  1. Hannah Rose sounds so interesting! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hannah Rose sounds like a great story, Louise! I'm sorry about the ending of the LIH line. I'm sure the decision was based on the current market and business interests. No doubt, there will be a lot of disappointed readers!

  3. What a riveting storyline, Louise! And I love the name Hannah Rose.

  4. What an excellent idea to set contemporary stories in the same location as your historicals. That's very intriguing. With your story-telling ability, I look forward to your contemporaries, but I will miss the historicals.

  5. Thank you for your comments, ladies. I was out all day, so it's nice to come home to see you've read my post.

  6. Great post, Louise. You books sound lovely!