Thursday, May 7, 2009

Remember Your Mother or Mother Figures!

Missy here. First off, a reminder: If you haven't already, be sure to mail your Mother's Day cards and gifts! I bought mine a week ago and still forgot to mail them on Wednesday! So I'm reminding myself, too. :)

I love Mother's Day. I have three children who have always loved to celebrate the occasion. The last few years, they've planned and carried out breakfast in bed--all by themselves (no help from Dad). They're so cute as they invariably wake me while banging around in the kitchen and arguing over who's going to do what. I usually lie in bed and just grin because I've discovered I can't go out to check on them. I made that mistake the first year, and they had a fit when I walked out of the bedroom! So I've learned to just wait and enjoy all the chaos in the kitchen.
They always make quite a spread and bring it to me on a tray. One year, they made me a frozen waffle, scrambled eggs, a banana, orange juice and a huge glass of milk. Oh, and I think they also made me a bowl of cereal to go with it! I guess they just couldn't decide on a menu. :)
What a sweet treat it is to know they want to make the day special for me!
What about you? Is there a mother or some other special person in your life you'd like to honor on Mother's Day? Any ideas what you're going to do for her? We'd love to hear about it!


  1. Yikes, I read Linda's post and nodded. Then, I read yours and finally it dawned on me that when I mail the mother's day card, it has to travel three states! Picture me running to the post office.

  2. Well, I mailed mine after I wrote my post, so they didn't go out until Thursday. I hope they got there in time!



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