Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Babies on the brain

I missed the awesome giveaway weekend earlier this month, but I have a good excuse—my son was born on August 28 and we’ve still been adjusting to life going from a family of three to a family of four. Because I wasn’t able to participate then, I’d like to give away two copies of my debut book, MARRYING MISS MARSHAL from today’s commenters. I’ll choose the winners at the end of the day and post the names in the comments, so check back tomorrow to see if you’ve won!
–also just a note to say that I’ll try to check comments as often as I can today but with two little ones underfoot (one of them brand new!) I may not be here as often as I’d like.

Since this is my first post as a CRAFTIE Lady, I thought I’d share a little about myself. I’m a mom with a toddler and a newborn. I’ve been married for nine years to a wonderful man I met in college. I was born and raised in Oklahoma, spending several years of my childhood on a family farm. I graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma in 2006, which was the same year I started writing for publication. I was contracted with Love Inspired Historical in 2010 and my first book with them was published just over a month ago, in August.

I wrote most of MARRYING MISS MARSHAL while trying to get pregnant with my daughter (although some of it was written/rewritten after she came along). My second book, THE HOMESTEADER’S SWEETHEART (May 2012), was written while I was pregnant with my son. I think because I had babies on the brain, that’s why both books feature babies in different ways.

In MARRYING MISS MARSHAL, the heroine (a town marshal) really wants a family of her own. During the story, she has to help deliver her best friend’s baby and it is a very poignant moment for both women. In THE HOMESTEADER’S SWEETHEART, hero Jonas White was forced to leave Philadelphia to care for his infant daughter. The book is focused on the hero and his family five years after that fact, but Jonas’s past is important to the story.

I think one reason I like writing babies into my stories is because most people have a reaction to them. As parents, we keep memories of our kids close to our hearts and can relate to what the characters we’re reading about are feeling and experiencing—like staying up late with a colicky baby or that scary moment when they seem to choke on their bottle. Aunts, uncles, friends, grandparents… most of us have a collection of moments stored up in our memory banks and when we read about something similar in a good book, that memory surfaces.

I’m sure you can tell I’ve still got babies on the brain—and probably will for awhile! I wouldn’t trade these precious moments with my little ones for anything. So tell me, what’s your favorite memory involving a baby or toddler?



  1. The first time you see your children, hold them. It's something you don't forget.

  2. Hi Lacy congrats on the birth of your son. I dont need a book as I have read it and loved it.
    not sure about babies and memories. but something from sunday we have a really cute little toddler at church. She is a doll tiny and cute and loves everyone. she had a cute little dress with tulle on it (think thats the spelling) and cute little slipper shoes she was showing off. I said are you a little ballerina and she nodded and started spinning around like a dancer it was so cute even had the hands on the hips down really well. she is such a doll.

  3. Congratulations on the birth of your son. Enjoy him, he'll grow up too fast.
    This sounds like a great book and thank you for taking the time to host this giveaway, I know you have to be very bust right now and want to spend as much time as possible with holding your children.


  4. Thanks for the early comments, ladies! I am definitely loving being with the kiddos right now but am also needing that 15 minutes a day of "me" time...

    Jenny, the girl at your church sounds adorable! My daughter is in a phase right now where she just wants to wear her diaper (and that's it) so I'm looking forward to when she wants to dress up!!

  5. I'm pregnant with my 3rd child now and with each pregnancy I find my self reading any book that has babies in it. There really is something about babies that pulls readers in.

  6. Lacy, we're so glad you're here.

    My baby boy is six. I can hardly remember when he was just a few pounds. And now that I look at the clock, it's time to wake those not so few pounds and get him ready for school.

  7. Hi, Kelly and Pamela! Thanks for dropping by.

    Yes, don't they grow up way too fast?? I can't believe my girl is almost 2. Wish I could push "pause" for a little while...

  8. My daughter is 4 and everyday seems to be filled with new discoveries and cute things! Wish I could tape it all :)

  9. Welcome Lacy...and congrats on the new blessing that's joined your family! Enjoy every minute of your little ones since they don't stay little for long.

    I have some good baby memories with my two girls (now 10 and 5), but one that really stands out is when my older daughter Evie was just a couple of weeks old. Her daddy rubbed her feet on his five o'clock shadow and she just started laughing and laughing, and as we laughed along with her she laughed all the more (and so did we.) I know some people think babies that young don't smile let alone laugh, but if they'd have been there, I'm sure they would have been laughing too!

    Can't wait to read your book...and thanks for the chance to win. Blessings!

  10. Thanks for all the comments and memories shared today! I'll give a couple more hours for people to comment and then pick my two winners.

  11. Oh, hope I am not too late to enter for your book, which I would love to read! And congrats on the baby.....enjoy the kiddos!!

  12. I chose two random numbers and the winners are Kelly and Jenny!!!

    Ladies, send me your snail-mail addresses at lacyjwilliams (at) gmail (dot) com

    Might be a couple days until they get in the mail with all the craziness around here. :)

    Thanks to everyone for reading and commenting!

  13. Thank you so much Lacy...just sent you an email.



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