Thursday, September 15, 2011

Back To School: Back to the Books

It's September and time for Back to School and Back to the Books. To celebrate, we Craftie Ladies want to know which books with teacher hero or heroines made into your hands and into your hearts.

Maybe your favorite teacher came from a Harlequin Love Inspired Contemporary.

Dedicated teacher assistant Whitney Maxwell gave up her dream of a family years ago. But she’s about to get a lesson in faith and family from an unexpected source—a brave little boy named Jason. Jason and his dad are dealing with his autism the best they can, but Dr. Shane McCoy can’t put his tragic past behind him. As Whitney and Shane work together to help his son, could these two lost souls open their hearts to love again and become a lasting family?

Or, maybe your favorite teacher came from a Harlequin Love Inspired Suspense

Six months ago, Alexander Cooke’s life was wrecked. His wife was killed, his workplace was robbed...and the evidence pointed to him. He saw one way out—he grabbed his daughter and ran. Now he’s got a new life. Yet even with his new identity as Greg Bond, he’s still lookingover his shoulder. Still waiting for danger to reappear. Then he meets charming schoolteacher Lisa Jacoby, and forgets to keep his distance or protect his heart. When the killer returns, Alex won’t run again. He’s found a love—a family—he’ll face anything to protect.

Or, last but not least, maybe your favorite schoolmarm came from a Love Inspired Historical.

Nothing is impossible—as far as idealistic schoolteacher Verity Hardy is concerned. The lovely widow is certain teaching freed slaves in a Virginia town torn apart by the Civil War will help heal bitterness and old wounds. But she's finding that the school's cynical builder, Matthew Ritter, has little reason to have faith in her—or anything else.
An ex-Union captain, Matt has seen more than his share of destruction. And the threats he's getting about the school are almost enough to make him give up. But Verity's spirit and courage inspire him to fight once again for what he believes in—and to show her they can reach their dreams together….

Go ahead, think about it and share. What book, with a school setting, made you want to turn to the beginning and read it again.


  1. Years ago, I went into a Waldens Bookstore in the mall and said, "I want a historical with a teacher." The employee handed me Years by LaVeryl Spencer. I read it in one night

  2. I love teacher stories, probably because my mom, sister and I all taught in different venues.

    I remember reading "Good Morning, Miss Dove," "Goodbye, Mr. Chips," and "The Miracle Worker" (actually Helen Keller's biography) after seeing the classic movies made from them. "To Sir with Love" was another I read after seeing the movie. Do you see a trend here?

    As far as romances go, I need to get two out of the three you mention but did read Verity's story and loved it.

    So don't you all think you should go for movie rights? ;-)

    Peace, Julie

  3. Julie,
    I read The Miracle Worker, but not the first two. Should I go get th em? I loved To Sir With Love.

    Of course, I loved Christy.

  4. Love teachers, especially my sweet daughter who works with autistic kids. She's the greatest!

    All teachers deserve our thanks and our praise.

    I loved Christy and The Miracle Worker and the LI, LIS and LIS books you mentioned today, Pam!

  5. I loved Helen Kellers Teacher which was more about Annie Sullivan and her life before and during teaching Helen.
    There are others too but I cant think of them off hand.

  6. I loved Years by LaVeryl Spencer, too -- actually everything by her.

  7. I found some copies of Lavyrle Spencer's older books at the county library..when they were moving and wanted to get rid of books. "Years" was not one of them, but thanks for your comments on it....will look for it.

  8. Oh, meant to say...I will be looking for Fugitive Family, too!

  9. LaVeryl used to come to my GA Romance Writers of America Chapter Conferences. I was a newby and had no idea who she was, except I knew I liked her.

    Wish I'd told her!

  10. Debby,
    Did she move? I heard she stopped writing, but I wondered if she'd actually decide to write one without a deadline. That's what I keep expecting.

  11. My mind leapt to Little House On The Prairie: love the books & the TV series.

  12. Oh, and that took me to Anne of Green Gables. Remember when Gilbert let her have the school close to where they lived.

  13. Pamela, thanks for mentioning Verity. I also had a teacher heroine in Testing His Patience back in 2004. Ages ago!


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