Thursday, September 8, 2011

Here A Baby, There A Baby, Everywhere A Baby

Drum roll please! Here are the answers.

1. Merrillee Whren is thinking, “Will I always have this curl on the top of my head?”

2. Pamela Tracy is already thinking, "Someday I'll have to pose for an author photo! I'd better smile!"

3. Cara Putman is thinking, "Who Turned Out the Lights."

4. Lenora Worth is already posing so her shoes can be seen!

5. Karen Kirst

6. Barbara Phinney

7. At eight months of age, Pat Davids was already praying the baby fat would go away and stay away. No such luck.

8. At age six, Louise M. Gouge is enjoying first grade, as you can see by her toothless smile.

9.Christine Johnson started collecting story ideas right away.

10. Linda Goodnight

11. Debby Giusti

12. Margaret Daley says, "I still look the same."

13. I'm Sandra Orchard and lucky #13, two years old and so happy my parents were hoping their third child would be a boy.

14. Lacy Williams

15. Leann Harris didn't have enough hair to have more than one curl on the top of her head. Her mother was afraid she'd be bald. She had so much hair growing up that it took one hour under the hair dryer to get her hair dry.

16. Missy Tippens

17. Leigh Bale

18. Winnie Griggs

19. Naomi Rawlings________ Name the author who would have to yank a baby picture out of the beautiful scrapbook her mom put together in order to scan it, and she just doesn't have the heart to tear something out of it.

20. Jean Gordon__________ Name the author whose baby pictures are all at her brother's house in Buffalo.

21. Lyn Cote_________ Name the author whose baby pictures are in a barn.

22. Lisa Mondello______ Name the author whose baby pictures are all at her mother's house.

23. Allie Pleiter_________ Name the author who claims to have no baby photos.

24. Kim Watters__________ Name the author whose baby pictures are somewhere in a garage because she's never unpacked them from her recent move.

25. Regina Scott______ Name the author whose mother thinks she isn't old enough to be responsible for her baby pictures.

26. Patty Hall Smith____ Name the author who actually considered scanning her oldest daughter's baby photo because hers are all boxed up.

27.Lynette Eason_____ Name another author whose baby pictures are boxed up at her parents' house.


  1. I got one right! Lacy its good to know whos who now.
    Have a great day Im off to bed shortly.

  2. Such cuties. Good to put names with them. Sorry I missed all my guesses. Good luck to those who got them right. :-)

    God bless!

  3. i would have never guessed who was who but it is nice to see how they got their beginnings

  4. Love them all. And to keep the celebration rolling, does anyone have a September wedding anniversary? (Ours is today.) If so, include that in your comment for an opportunity to win a copy of Mara's Move. I'll pick a winner tonight.

  5. sorry my anniversary isnt till october

  6. AusJenny,
    Glad you got one right :)

    Mary, they are cuties.

    Misty, my favorite was Leann's and the curl.

    Jean, my anniversary is in July.

  7. I'm not a good guesser, but this was fun! All so cute!

  8. Well, for goodness sake! I know all you ladies and yet I only had ONE correct. Pamela Tracy has only grown taller, otherwise she looks the same. The rest of us--wow.

  9. Linda, you're not alone. I didn't get any of them right (except mine, and that doesn't count). Big cheers for those of you who guessed any of them correctly.

  10. Hahaaa! Those captions are absolutely hilarious. Thanks for the smile this morning, ladies. ;-)

  11. A very good contest and congrats to the winner - congrats to anyone who even TRIED it! That's admirable! It's been great talking to all you ladies this week! I will miss it after today!

    Sorry my anniversary is in May! No one even in my whole family has an anniversary in Sept.!

  12. Linda,
    I love you. Thanks for saying taller and not adding WIDER.

    Jackie, I've never been a good guesser either.

    BTW, the captions were Dream's idea.

  13. I got a few right and loved learning a little more about all of you.

    Peace, Julie

  14. Congrats on your anniversary, many years? My anniversary is in February, although my husband proposed on September 2nd.

    Yea! We can finally match names to faces and find out who had their pictures in the barn! =) Congrats to Michelle on winning the contest.

    I really enjoyed getting to check out the photos and get to know a little bit about all the new ladies here. I'm looking forward to adding to my TBR pile too!

  15. Congrats, Michelle!

    Lacy, hmmmm. A picture of you dressed as a cowgirl, and two decades later you're writing stories about them. Who would have guessed?

  16. I'm going to give away a copy of my last book, Second Chance Ranch. Jackie S, you're the winner.

  17. Julie, way to go! Getting a few right is awesome.

    Congratulations, Michele and everyone who gave it a shot!

  18. Congrats to Michelle on winning the photo contest! That was one awesome win!

  19. Well, I guessed one and got it right. Pamela Tracy--you're eyes and hair are unmistakable!

  20. Jenny and Valri, you both mentioned anniversaries, so I have a copy of Mara's Move for each of you. Click on Pam's email at the end of the winners' list to send her your mailing address for me. And it's our 38th. Obviously, I was a child bride.

  21. I got Pam and that's it! Wow, this was tough, but fun seeing all these pics!

  22. You are all adorable, both young and old. Well, not old. More mature! Yes, I had to show off my shoes, even at a very early age! But mercy, I'm glad I progressed to pumps!

  23. Happy Anniversary Jean hope you had a wonderful day. Not married here. but my niece turned 17 on Tuesday its scary to think shes that old now.
    a little tired today. worked this morning now have to go to the bookshop this afternoon when I think bed would be nicer!
    Valri its wet damp and did I say wet? I just hope its not raining when I go as I have to walk.

  24. Woohoo...thank you so much, Jean! What a great way to end this fun-filled week. =)

    Congrats on the 38th...that's quite an accomplishment this day and age. Good for you!

  25. Thanks for the weather report, Ausjenny :) I will miss chatting with you every day! It's been fun! Until the next "blog" comes along, have a good Sept.! Hope you find a job. I'll be thinking of you :)

  26. Wow, you guys are making me feel good. I think I'm cute in that picture. I don't feel cute today. LOL
    <---off to buy a blue satin dress with a really billowy skirt!

  27. Lyn,
    My mom cut my hair with a bowl! Really. But, I'm glad you like my eyes.

  28. Lisa,
    As long as we've been friends (20 years now? Is it? Nah, more 15) you should recognize me.

  29. Yay, I got six pictures right. Drat, though, I totally missed answering 19-27. Ah well, I am still thrilled to be the grand prize winner!!!


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