Thursday, October 27, 2011

Celebrating Christian Fiction Readers

Since Thursday is Readers Day, I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce you to my favorite blog of reviews of Christian fiction—Best Reads-Kav  
Kav is a librarian with a passion for Christian fiction. Some weeks she’ll review as many as five books, which she then offers as free giveaways. 
Recently I had the fun of receiving one of these books, but felt kind of bad when I realized that it cost her almost as much to mail me the book as it would cost for me to buy it. Not only that, I learned that she often buys doubles or supplies a copy when she receives one free to review. So I asked her how/why she does it. 
Her response was so inspiring to me that I asked permission to share it. 
Her answer: “Quote away. I don't mind if everyone thinks I'm loopy over books and the industry....I am!!!!”    Any wonder why I love her?!
This is what she had to say: I'm so passionate about supporting the Christian fiction industry because I don't want my inspirational fiction to become extinct!!!!
I manage to read so much because I travel hours (and I do mean hours) to work and back and I am blessed to be able to read in a moving bus -- while standing up even. 
I've noticed more than one curious glance at the eye-catching covers, which are so different from the regular market. Who knew Christian fiction would be an introduction to faith discussions? I've had a few interesting chats, let me tell you. 
I can't really tell you why I feel so driven to continue giving books away. At first I was only going to offer up a free copy of the books I got from the publisher because I still wanted to support the author by purchasing his/her book. But I get so excited when I read a really, really, really good one that I can't help myself! LOL. 
I feel very strongly about supporting the Christian publishing industry. As a library tech I am well aware of how precarious the publishing industry can be and I want to do my part to make sure there will always be a venue for this kind of publishing. 
That means they have to sell and so I buy. 
I'm by no means rich or anything and I don't know how long I'll be able to keep it up, but it's almost like a calling to me right now. Supporting and sharing quality literature, which has ministered so much to me. 
Honestly, I can't tell you how changed my life is from reading Christian fiction. I really draw from the messages and the scriptures that I find in each book and it's made a tremendous difference to me. 
So God bless all you authors who write what I love to read and uplift me at the same time.
-Sandra again- 

Authors, don’t you just want to hug Kav to bits? Of course, I could be a tad biased since she called Deep Cover (LIS September 2011) “A great debut novel that will steal your breath away!” --Big Grin--

  And READERS, thank you for buying our books. Writing them is a labor of love that only your support makes possible.


  1. Sandra, thanks for blogging about Kav and the wonderful work she does to spread the word about Christian fiction.

    I love Kav! She's the greatest!

    Waving to Kav! Sending hugs and love and lots of prayers!

  2. You're welcome, Debby. I just couldn't resist :-)

  3. What a wonderful heart for fiction. Love it!


  4. Kav, welcome!! And thank you so much for your support of authors! We appreciate it more than you can know.

  5. Wow! It's nice to meet you Kav. What a wonderful ministry you have.

  6. Thank you for sharing this Sandra. Kav is doing a wonderful service to us all. My sincere gratitude goes out to her.

  7. Sandra, I'm so encouraged by this post. Kav is definitely an Angel!

    And Kav is definitely right about the covers. I have to block my viewing when I go to Walmart for my Christian books. I stand back, scan the area that I know is where the Christian ones should be, then slowly, carefully narrow in on them, all the time avoiding the ones that scream lust all over them. So sad, really.

  8. Kav,
    I definitely want to know more about you. What an awesome post. I'm a bit like you. I give away my books, to people I meet in the post office line, in the grocery store, etc. I carry extras in my purse.
    Thanks so much for your support.

  9. Thanks, Sandra, for sharing Kav with us. We love our dedicated readers. And we so appreciate Kav for promoting Christian fiction!

  10. Thanks, Sandra. I certainly enjoyed your interview with Kav.

  11. Thank you for sharing, Sandra. Kav, I really appreciate your support of the Christian fiction market. Thanks!

  12. Great post :) Yes, she is amazing :) Her blog is great and I love reading her reactions to the books she reads :)

  13. I'm a fan of Kav's blog too. Love her giveaways!

  14. Kav, you are an inspiration to all of us who write! I love your giving spirit. Thanks for all you do!

  15. Sandra, thanks for sharing this about Kav - - WOW!! ~ And Kav, what a wonderful calling this is---you just never know how many lives you're impacting by sharing these books AND reading them on the bus (I love that others notice what you're reading, and might start talking with you about the book and your faith!). You have a special ministry with those books--Keep up the great work! ~ Blessings, Patti Jo :)

  16. Kav, what a wonderful ministry! Readers and supporters like you make all the difference to writers. Big hugs from a fellow librarian!

  17. Sandra, thanks for the post about Kav! I think both of you ladies are your blogs, giveaways (have won on each blog) and of course, Deep Cover, which I am presently reading! I appreciate all Christian writers!

  18. Oh my goodness -- of all the days to have had very limited access to the internet it had to be yesterday! Thanks for all the sweet things you said, Sandra. I'm blushing. And thanks to all you writers out there who keep me happily addicted to inspirational fiction. :-)

  19. Frankly, I love Kav. She is real. THANK YOU, KAV.

  20. KAV!!! Loved you before, darlin', but even MORE now!!! What a sweetheart you are ... God bless!!

    Thanks, Sandra, for featuring Kav!!



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