Monday, October 31, 2011

Book Inspiration

A lot of times people ask what inspired me to write a particular book. In the case of Christmas Haven it was the message of forgiveness that prompted me to get to know Julie Burns and Morgan Wright, to bring the high school sweethearts back together after ten long years.

Julie left her small town of Port Whisper and headed to the city in order to get her degree and become a social worker. Since she blames herself for her high school friend’s death—upset, the girl took a boat into dangerous waters and drowned—Julie is determined to find redemption by helping street kids make better choices and live healthier lives.

But as we all know, you can only do so much for a person, and then they have to take the baton and sprint across the finish line. At some point Julie has to accept this reality: do the best she can and let go.

In the meantime, thugs are after her, she thinks, because she witnessed a kidnapping. It’s more complicated than that, but under Morgan’s watchful eye, she’ll be safe in her hometown.

Morgan, on the other hand, relies on his faith and compassion to find it in his heart to forgive the girl who broke his heart ten years ago. Amazed that he can forgive her, and inspired by his strong faith, Julie opens her heart to God.

What also inspired me to write this book was an old friend from previous book, Witness on the Run (May 2011). Well, he’s not old exactly, but 17-year-old, Sketch aka Steven Drake, is precocious, emotionally bruised, and brilliant. He’s got an answer for everything, and he’s the Port Whisper Police Force’s secret weapon – the kid is a computer genius.

It’s funny, what inspires someone to write a story about fictional people that become oh, so real. Have you read anything recently that inspired you to write a story?

Happy November! Who's counting down the days until Christmas?

Hope White


  1. cool name for a book and it looks interesting (which is where i should have stoppped!) love hearing what inspires a book.
    I dont write I read but this looks good. Oh I would tell you how many days till Christmas but a few others have threatened serious bodily damage to me if I say. But lets say its less than 8 weeks.

  2. I believe past personal experiences can also give a writer inspiration.
    53 days to go!

  3. Well, you've sold me on the book and I love the title -- Christmas Haven. There's all kinds of layers behind those words, isn't there? And I haven't even read the book yet!

  4. I've loved all your other books, Hope, so I know I'll be readint this one too! I enjoyed Stetch in the last one. How fun that you brought him back! The title is great!

  5. Thanks for the kudos on the title!
    Yes, I agree that past personal experiences can inspire a new story. I'm also inspired by friends' life experiences and sometimes even strong characters from a film or TV show.
    So glad you enjoyed my other books, Valri. Good news is Sketch plays an even bigger role in my 2012 release, Small Town Protector, when the father he never knew comes to town to hunt a serial killer!
    Anyone have clever ideas for Christmas gifts this year?

  6. Hope I haven't even thought about Christmas yet. Have to get the kids through the play. Then get Thanksgiving done and a November 30th deadline before I can even contemplate Christmas. It will be at my house which means cleaning. On December 16th I've have a double steroid injection in my neck so I'll loose about four or so days to that. Ugh. Really, only 53 days? 8 weeks?
    I love the title too. I put alot of personal experience in my books. My friends tease that I'm working out my issue through my characters. I'm sure there is truth to that.

  7. Terri,
    Sorry about your neck problems. Prayers!

    Hope, your story sounds exciting! A must read.

    Christmas is that soon? Oh my gosh. I need to go shopping! :)

  8. Hope I was thinking of making my own calenders with photos I took In Hawaii, (I have some from the teddybear musuem, and orchids and of course Hawaiian scenes.)
    I normally make cookies and I have some cute jars I will fill with them and add a ribbon to make it prettier.

  9. Very cute Christmas ideas, Ausjenny! Too bad I live so far away for you to give me a jar :) Our family is going to Calif. this year and meet at my parents' house. My kids all live in different states, going to college and they have decided to come too! Can't wait to see them all. I didn't think I'd get to see them all so what a blessing this will be - and unexpected!

  10. Ausjenny,
    We do the photo calendar every year for the grandparents. The perfect gift!
    Valri - the family gathering in CA sounds wonderful!!

  11. Not ready for shopping done yet. But I have read several Christmas stories....Christian fiction...lately. Your book sounds like my type!

  12. My son Joshua was born Christmas Eve '98. It's coming to fast as always. Love your name! And I love to read! Your book sounds and looks great!!!


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