Monday, October 17, 2011

Ollie and me

I am down to the wire on my current book and in the final push and I'm babysitting my son's and daughter-in-laws dog. He's really just a puppy, all one-hundred-and fifty pounds of him. It's a challenge, and I know now why I talked my husband out of getting another dog.

Don't get me wrong, he's a sweet dog who drools. When he shakes his head, stuff flies off his mouth onto my nightgown and robe or kitchen table. And if I'm walking across the carpet and find something glistening, I have to grab a rag. I have a new appreciation for the comic Marmaduke. Brad Anderson had to have a great dane. And as a writer, we take those moments that are challenging or funny or frustrating and use them in our writing.

I've grown--whether I wanted to or not.


  1. Ugh!!! I don't think I could deal with dog slobber. *shudder*
    Hope you get your book done!

  2. Neither do I. I don't much fancy pets.

  3. Well, ladies, it makes you come up with some creative idea. And there's lots of prayer involved.

  4. I'm with Jessica! I don't think I could deal with the slobber! I'll stick with my cat! Good luck with the book though!


  5. LOL!! He's so cute, Leann!! Makes the slobber all worth it! ;)

    (I know. Easy for me to say!) hehe

  6. Ollie does have an adorable look about him...but not adorable enough for me to get over the slobber issue. *shuddering*

    Praying all goes well as you're finishing up your book, Leann. =)

  7. slobber! I'm still thinking of how much I enjoyed Second Chance Ranch.....I have never been a horse lover, but in reading your book....I fell in love with horses! lol

  8. I always feel that things that somehow "ruin" our normal lives and routines make us grow as individuals. Like you say, wether I want it or not.

    But the result is pretty much appreciated, as even when I'm positively going crazy, I discover a new me, a stronger me. Very much in the line what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.

    Some things that have this effect on me - a child who's misbehaving in a church, I have to wait beyond reasonable for someone, taking care of a slobber dog so a Dear Friend or Family Member can have some quality time far from it ahahahahah. In the way I put my love towards the nuisance in detriment of my perfect and ordained routine makes me feel better with myself... after lots of prayer and relaxation exercises ahahah

  9. He would have to wear a bib. I have 2cats and 1dog. Plus one husband and 4boys. I'm good!