Friday, October 14, 2011

Hello, lovely people. Elnora is fashionably late this morning due to computer problems. Something to do with jetting in from the coast last night, probably. Actually, we didn't jet. We drove a Malibu. But Big Daddy drove like a fighter pilot! We are tired wayfarers this morning. And now, this house seems so big compared to our little bayside retreat. Must clean up and start plans for a huge garage sale. Purses and shoes, anyone? This life in limbo between two places can be stressful. Elnora walked on the beach the other day and the waters were so calm. That indeed had a calming effect on me. And ... the sea had left a gift for all the strollers and swimmers. Seashells, washe up in lovely glistening piles. That got me to wondering as I wandered. What is it about seashells? Why do we search for the perfect ones when God has clearly sent us bits and pieces of beauty. Broken, yes. But then aren't we all in places? Why do we insist on perfection when we can pick up a slightly broken shell and learn its story while we look through the cracks and see the heart? This made me think of people. We tend to want our relationships to be perfect and shimmering, created in one piece and kept that way. But sometimes God sends us not so perfect people and they become the perfect friends. We have to see inside the broken parts. We have to look past the flaws to see the heart shining through. And in return, our friends and loved one can do the same for us. I believe the places where we see the shattered openings are places God left to be filled with forgiveness and love. So, all of you shimmering beauties, what is about seashells? I keep the broken ones, too. What about you? Do you throw those back and start looking all over again? Or do you keep a few. Elnora believes it's not so much about the shell, but about everything that little shell went through in that deep ocean to get so far. Maybe that little broken shell came all that way just somone would find it and take it home and make it whole again. Let's discuss seashells!!!!!


  1. Sorry about the typos. Elnora did proof but apparently I proofed too fast. But more coffee is needed. Let's play a game. The first person to find the typos wins a book from Elnora ... er... Lenora :)

  2. Ha! I must need coffee too because I didn't see the typos. Lovely post. I collect broken shells too. I have a glass box that I put the pieces in after I wash and polish them. Which is kind of what God does with us (or at least with me). He washed me and polished me and keeps polishing me. LOL.
    I'll take some shoes! You have the best shoes.
    So are you moving to the beach? How very exciting? I thinking once our munchkins are out of college we'll probably look at moving near a beach. On this side of the country. :-)

  3. Hi my darling Terri. We will move to a bayside condo sometime next year. A few miles from the gulf and tucked between the big bay and a river. Not as hurricane-scary!! But really lovely. So glad you have a shell box. That sounds great!! Hope one of those broken shells has my name on it!!

  4. Loved this quote, Elnora: "But sometimes God sends us not so perfect people and they become the perfect friends." Not so much because that's the way I feel about my friends, but that I'm a cracked shell and God has still used me to complement someone elses life. =)

    My daughter in kindergarten is always bringing home the little shells she finds mixed in with the little rocks on the playground. Nice ones, broken ones, pieces, and parts...she sees the uniqueness of each piece even though it has flaws...and she's always more than excited to want to pass them on as gifts to others.

    BTW...I found three typos (after going back and re-reading you post...missed them the first time):
    washe ... should be 'washed'
    one ... should be 'ones'
    just someone ... should be 'just so someone'
    Guess Terri and I were more interested in the beauty of your words that we didn't see the flaws. =)

  5. Typos or no, it was a wonderful post that touched my heart. I'm in Panera Bread, having no electricity at the house and was on the last chapter of WIP that is due and needed a glimpse of Heaven.
    Thank you

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  7. Lenora, what a sweet post. I love that we're all imperfect and love and forgiveness fill in those cracks. Beautifully said!

    Glad you're home. Next time you go, you need to invite us along! :)

  8. And yes, I always pick up broken pieces that are pretty. I almost never find a whole shell.

  9. Lovely post Lenora! Those broken shells that have been polished in the surf reveal their beautiful inner color more readily than those that are intact. Well worth collecting and well worth remembering when we're getting a good polishing in life's surf!

  10. Jenny, you found more than two. I saw two. You're good. You will receive a book. My Superromance "A Southern Reunion" will be out in December, but as soon as I get my author's copies, I'l send you one. Please e-mail me through my website with your address! Good job. Can you come to my house and proof all my writerings?? Yes, that is an-on-purpose typo!!!

    Great responses, lovely ladies. I'm so glad I'm not the only one cracked and broken. I have the scar to prove it, too! Missy, you are welcome to come and visit any time. I won't be so very far from you once we get to Florida!!!

  11. Typos didn't see any.
    but then I dont look.
    I use to collect shells when we went to the beach. use to love the fan shells. I too like the quote about imperfect shells and friends.

  12. I love seashells too, Lenora! My husband and I have collected a few during our marriage - some during our honeymoon and others during anniversary trips but both of us have enjoyed the beach and we just love seashells!

    Don't worry about typos! Who cares!

  13. Valri, that's great that you and your husband collect seashells together. That makes them all the more special!

  14. Lenora...thanks so much. I just emailed you through your site.



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