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Happily Ever After in Cupid's Cove-Happy Valentine's Day!

"Well, this is very interesting," Mr. Valentine's rusty voice broke into Duncan's thoughts. "It's about time somebody in this town kissed Lacy."

The old man's voice doused Duncan like a bucket of cold water. He stumbled backward.

But Lacy caught him by the sleeve. "Mr. Valentine, what...why?" she stammered.

"I think you two should come inside the log house with me. I was going to do some dusting and rearranging before I opened up for tourists today. I figure I'll get plenty of business during this unusual cold snap. People need something to do when they can't be at the beach." The older man waved them inside. "Come on. I have something to show you two."

Lacy would not release Duncan's sleeve and nearly dragged him inside.

Duncan thought about the past twenty-four hours. Why should he think it strange to end up in the old log house with Mr. Valentine on Valentine's Day? And with a determined Lacy holding him there, what chance did he have?

The older gentleman flipped on some lights and rifled through a stack of framed photos. "Here it is." He turned the photo toward him and Duncan saw one of those old black and white photographs with poker-faced people dressed in 19th century clothing. This couple, however, managed to look as if they liked each other.

"This is the wedding photograph of Mr. Ainsley Duff and Miss Lorena MacIver." Mr. Valentine shook his head. "The two of them fell in love but a war, the Civil War, interrupted their courtship." Mr. Valentine turned the photo toward himself and gazed at it. "You see they were in love, but Ainsley did not believe in secession. So when this state left the Union in 1861, he refused to enlist in the local militia. If he hadn't left on his own, they would have run him out of town."

Duncan didn't know what this had to do with him. Yes, he'd gone off to war, but he hadn't left a sweetheart behind...

"You're probably thinking what does this have to do with me, aren't you, Duncan?" Mr. Valentine looked at him over his half-glasses.

And for a minute he was back in ninth grade in Mr. Valentine's history class. "I went to Afghanistan, sir, and so did Rick." But I came back and he didn't.

"When Ainsley returned after the war, he had to put up with worse than you have, my boy. People were angry. The South had lost and everyone considered him a turncoat." Mr. Valentine looked him straight in the eye. "He never gave an inch. He told them all if they had a right to fight for secession that he had a right to fight for the Union. And he'd come home and they better just get used to it. He went straight to Lorena and began courting her again."

In spite of resenting this history lesson at such a moment, Duncan had to admire Ainsley's guts.

Mr. Valentine laid down the framed photograph. "Miss Lacy, I think you've been rooming with Daisy Mae?"

Lacy nodded woodenly.

"I suspect that she's said some hard things about Rick?" the older gentleman went on.

Duncan cringed inwardly. I'll bet.

"Yes," Lacy murmured.

"Well, I can shed some light on that. It's called consider the source. Daisy Mae was in love with Rick all through high school. I don't think she ever got over him, not even when he married Angie."

Mr. Valentine again looked Duncan in the eye. "And if you remember, Duncan, she was never a friend of yours in high school. Do you recall the time in the school cafeteria that you put her in her place in front of everyone for picking on that student with Down's Syndrome?"

"What? Daisy did that?" Lacy sounded upset and shocked.

Duncan nodded, remembering that day. Daisy had looked ready to spit in his eye.

And Lacy swung toward him and hugged him. "I'm so glad you stood up to her. I had no idea."

"Now young man," Mr. Valentine skewered Duncan with his steady gaze, "you've been letting your survivor's guilt play along with Daisy Mae's campaign to run you out of town. I don't know why she decided to do this, but spite is unpredictable and recognizes no bounds.

"Ainsley didn't let them run him out of town and they tried more than just gossip in those days. Stand up for yourself, young man. And face them all down. Most people in this town don't like what Daisy Mae has been saying. Hold your head high, that's my advice, my boy. Rick would tell them all off for you--if he could."

Duncan stood rooted to the spot, memories flowing, streaming through his mind. The regret, the guilt was hard to let go, but suddenly he felt something he hadn't for a long time. He got mad. He wouldn't let that spiteful Daisy get to him.

"Thank you, Mr. Valentine," Duncan said, offering the man his hand.

"Thank you, my boy, for your service. And I thank God that you came home safe. You stand tall and the town will come around." He held up the photo. "And Ainsley won the girl, you see." Mr. Valentine winked then.

Duncan grinned and then looked down at Lacy, the prettiest girl in Cupid's Cove. "I hope you don't have plans for tonight, Miss Lacy," Duncan said, "because I have some that include you."

Lacy chuckled and then accepted Duncan's hand. "You can tell me all about it while you help me at the bakery."

Mr. Valentine's laughter followed them out the door. And Duncan felt it in his heart, his much lighter heart. Thank you, Lord, for a wise old history teacher. Then he bent down to steal a quick kiss.

Lacy laughed and ran ahead, pulling him along.
Hi, leave it to a Love Inspired Historical author me, Lyn Cote, to add a touch of history.
We hoped you've enjoyed our Valentine Serial, Love at Cupid's Cove!--


  1. oh that is so cool but so sad that its ended.
    thanks to all who wrote I really loved it.

  2. Absolutely the most wonderful ending for this story! Lyn, what a lovely touch! Thank you for the delicious little story, everyone. I am so blessed to be a part of it.

  3. Great Fun. Thanks to all the talented authors who contributed.
    Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

  4. I had fun writing it! And reading all the parts leading up to THE END!

  5. An absolutely perfect, wonderful ending for the story, Lyn. Bravo! I loved it!!

  6. Great ending, love the photo, wish the story was longer!

  7. Wonderful! Thank you to all the authors who added a scene to this story. You did a great job!

  8. That was great fun! And a wonderful ending Lyn.

  9. Debra, thanks for the historic log house that triggered my ending!

  10. I enjoyed the story of Duncan and the many authors, wonderful ending Lyn. Eveyone added just the right spark, thanks for sharing this story.
    Paula O

  11. I hate to see it end!! I hope they have a beautiful wedding!! I'm guessing the cake will be DUNCAN HINES!! Such fun!!

  12. So much fun but sad to see it end.

    Thanks to all of you!

    Peace, Julie

  13. Love it, Lyn. It was fun to read and write.

  14. Great ending for this story! But I'm going to miss not reading each day's episode. Thanks again for doing this serial, Craftie Ladies--you've all done a wonderful job!
    Blessings, Patti Jo

  15. What a great ending! Great job, Lyn. This was such fun! Happy Valentine's Day, everyone.

  16. I'm with Jenny, I'm so that it's over but liked the ending! Thanks ladies! Another great story from all of you that participated!

  17. Thanks for all the thank-you's. I think I can speak for the Craftie Ladies--we loved doing it and will do it again.

    I'm thinking beach romance this summer!

  18. So sweet! Loved being a part of this.

  19. Great job tying everything up, Lyn! And with history at that. :)

    It's been fun, everyone!

  20. At last, THE END. I wish the story could go on.... Nice ending.

    Beautiful ladies, I look forward to more serials. perhaps for Easter?


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