Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Love at Cupids Cove --Valentine serial, Day 12

 by Roxanne Rustand

      Duncan stepped out of the bakery door and into the chilly, early morning darkness, still stunned by that earth shattering kiss.
      What had he been thinking?
      He'd told himself that he was going to Lacy's bakery just to talk.  That's all.  A few minutes, and then he'd walk out of her bakery and out of her life.  She'd been so sweet, so caring, that she deserved to know exactly what kind of man he was.  He'd even been waiting at the door when she arrived at 5am, so none of her customers would be around.

      But once again he'd found himself caught up in the fresh radiance of her smile.  The sparkle in her eyes.  Until meeting her, he'd been sure he would never again feel a moment of true happiness, much less find himself laughing aloud. 
      Yet just by pitching that silly  cupcake at him, she'd awakened a part of him that had been lost in the suffocating darkness of his guilt and sorrow.

      Instead of following his plan, he'd found himself volunteering to help out in the kitchen--though opening a roll of refrigerated cookie dough was the limit of his culinary expertise. Then they'd inadvertently bumped into each other, and he'd completely lost control.
      If he lived to be a hundred, he would never, ever forget that kiss.

     She tasted like sunshine and innocence, sweet as the confections she created in her bakery.  He'd felt as if he'd been waiting all his life for her, and in that moment he'd been overwhelmed with joy. 
      But it was impossible to hope for anything more.
      "Duncan! Wait."
       He looked over his shoulder and saw her marching after him, a determined expression blazing in her eyes. He sighed and pulled to a stop.
      She'd insisted that their kiss wasn't a mistake.
But her shop was a popular destination for everyone in town, so surely she already knew the gossip. Didn't she understand how hopeless a relationship with him would be? 
       She'd made her life here in Cupid's Cove. 
       It was the last place he could ever stay...
       Because the locals knew exactly what kind of man he was, and they would never let him forget it. 
      And he couldn't fight the truth.



  1. no, Duncan, go back inside! Don't leave! Oh, dear, only two more days. We're never going to fix this!

  2. Going back inside is too easy. Fight the battle. Go get him, girl!

  3. it takes men longer then women to finally "see the light"....
    enjoyed your story
    Paula O(kyflo130@yahoo.com)

  4. Lacy is going to use her "powers to hook him", I just know it!

  5. Please tell me that you will do a story like this for St. Patrick's Day. I am so enjoying this.

  6. I want to slap someone first it was Duncan but then I though no its the town. I wonder if the friend who died had been doing what Duncan had and Duncan had died would the town be blaming the friend from Duncans death! So I want to slap sense into the town and then hit Duncan with the your an idiot you are not guilty!

  7. Roxanne, nice job! I'm glad she went after him. I can't wait for tomorrow!

  8. GShaw, we'll have to consider that! It's fun. :)

  9. Roxanne, loved today's portion of the story...

    You wrote: "She tasted like sunshine and innocence."

    Be still my heart! Lovely.

    Can't wait until tomorrow's episode!

  10. Thank you, Debby.

    And everyone else--it's so much fun to see the comments here, and on the other installments!

    GShaw, what a great idea to have a St Patrick's story...or maybe an Easter story?

    I think we all have fun writing these, because until we see the episode the day before ours, we don't know what to write. It's definitely an organic, off-the-cuff process!

  11. Great job, Roxanne! And you answered a question for me in your comment below---I'd been wondering if you all had planned out these scenes ahead of time, or if it was off the cuff. Wow---what a fun challenge it must be for you all writing this. ~ I, too, hope you Ladies will do some more of these serials for other holidays! Blessings, Patti Jo :)


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