Monday, February 18, 2013

Pamela Tracy here.

It's Presidents' Day.  For most people, it's a "Oh, yeah, that holiday."

Not for me.  See, eight years ago my son was born on Presidents' Day (good thing I had the day off!)

This past week my son came home with an assignment for Presidents' Day:  write a report about a president.  It has to be at least eight sentences.  My son is seven, (back then Presidents' Day fell on the 21st), so I get to help.  The writer in me is like "This will be so much more fun then adding two digit numbers!"

My favorite president is Theodore Roosevelt.

My son has never heard of him...yet.

My son said, "I'll do George Washington."

Ooookay.  (I'm thinking BUT everyone will be writing on George Washington).

I said, "If you like the name George, why don't we do George W. Bush, who was president when you were born.

So, I'm getting to teach my son what writers do.  We research.  We look for interesting facts that not everyone knows. 

We'll look for things that appeal to second graders.  Things like playing little league, being a cub scout, liking history, having brothers and sisters, etc.

This morning, I rolled out of bed, pushed aside a towel on the floor that my son had put there so he wouldn't step on lava (yes, he has an imagination) headed for the kitchen, stepped on a lego, noted the homework spread on the table, and didn't think, "Oh, yeah, that holiday."

Happy Presidents Day!
And, by the way, which historic president is your favorite.


  1. Mine is Abraham Lincoln. I recently went to the movie Lincoln. It was a wonderful movie. It reminded me that even though we often feel we live in a divisive time that the strife and divisions were so bad during Lincoln's time that it caused our nation to split. Lincoln did his best to preserve our country. That's why he is my favorite.

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  4. I don't know what happened, but I made my comment. Then it reappeared two more times, so I deleted them. Guess I pressed a wrong button somewhere. :) Oh, by the way, Pamela, tell your son I like George Washington, too. My dad's name was George Washington Luft.

  5. My favorites would include Washington, Reagan, and Lincoln.

    I am currently listening to the audiobook, "Destiny of the Republic" by Candice Millard, which is about James A Garfield. It's really an interesting book, and from what I've heard so far, I believe had things been different Garfield would have remembered as one of our greatest presidents. He was a brilliant man and staunch abolitionist who really sought to bring the races together. I wonder how much farther along the Civil Rights Movement would have been had things been different.

  6. James Polk. He did a lot of things and decided he'd only serve one term.

  7. sounds cool. My niece was born feb 21 (no holiday here) she will be 21 this year.

    being an aussie dont have favourite president. dont have a fav prime minister either.

  8. Mine is Theodore Roosevelt just because he one of the ones that no one really talks about. I also like him because he started the campaign to establish and protect our National Parks.

    Lincoln is another favorite for many reasons, and because he was the only President born in my home state.

  9. Merrillee,
    I wanted to go see Lincoln, but never got the time (arg!)
    We've got books about George Washington at the house. He gets plenty of exposure for sure.

  10. Jenny,
    I think you're right. Garfield doesn't get the exposure he deserves. I've not read much about him either.

  11. Leann,
    Polk is another president who doesn't get enough kudoes.

  12. Jenny,
    Mike's b-day is the 21st. On Thursday, I'll have an 8 year old.

  13. Carissa,
    I watched a movie about Theodore Roosevelt. Brian Keith played him. It was awesome.

  14. Happy birthday to your son, Pamela!!


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