Saturday, February 23, 2013

Featured Book: Sweetheart Bride

Saying goodbye to Fleur, Louisiana, was all part of Brenna Blanchard's grand plan. Coming back to the quaint tiny town after a failed art career and broken wedding engagement, however, was not. When architect Nick Santiago recruits her to help restore a beautiful old mansion, it's just the distraction she needs—and growing close to handsome Nick is an unexpected bonus. Except, he has a heart in need of restoration, too. All business, the only thing Nick can't manage to construct is a life outside work. Unless Brenna can finally help him arrange his priorities—with love as number one.


  1. I like to read these little LI books and Lenora is among the authors I choose to read, thanks for sharing today...
    Paula O(

  2. What a beautiful cover, Lenora. Be still my heart! And the story sounds like a must read! YUM!

  3. May I just "ditto" Debby's comments? Cannot wait to read this, Lenora.
    Hugs, Patti Jo :)