Friday, February 22, 2013

Ask Elnora--About Dolphins--Lenora Worth

I have a thing for dolphins. I don't do the word-for-this-year kind of stuff, but if I had a word I'd chose the word "dolphin". I fell in love with dolphins when I first started seeing them years ago at the beach. Then we went to one of those Seaworld show and I got wet by the dolphins. I've loved them for a long, long time. So one of my biggest thrills is seeing them out on the bay. I watch for them and sometimes they oblige me by showing up. I've talked about dolphins here before. But I thought about what dolphins have taught me--

1. Patience. It's nice to sit still sometimes and just watch and wait. God tells us to be still and know that he is God. Elnora has never been very good at sitting still, but I'm learning.

2. Strength. The dolphins are strong and sure. They can be playful and swift or they can be sneaky and hard to find. They know when to play and they know when to go to deep waters. We have to be strong and swift at times--when life is pulling at us like a tide, and at other times, we need to go into our upper room and be alone away from the pull of life. The dolphins go underwater. I call this going "underground."

3. Routine and a plan. The dolphins follow the tides and live by the rules of the sea. They have an instinct that allows them to be friendly to humans but also allows them to swim away from most dangers. We need a routine of sorts to keep us on track with our faith and we need a plan that allows us to stay out of the path of things that can lead to trouble.

4. Serenity. Dolphins are some of the most docile creatures I've ever seen. That teaches me to be at peace, to let go and breathe, to push through worries and fears and keep on swimming against the current. Not an easy task for a drama queen who can throw a hissy fit at any given moment.

I look toward the dolphins as my calming symbol. I love them because they are God's creatures. He sends them to me to make me stop and watch. What kind of animals do you love? What creature brings you joy?


  1. Wow!! What a wonderful post, Lenora (ooops, Elnora). I love how you used a dolphin's characteristics to show how we should live. I've often thought that as humans, we can really learn a lot from animals. I am a cat-lover (okay, I've also been called the "crazy cat lady" at times, LOL) but I have very good reasons for loving my kitties. They are such loyal, loving companions, and petting their fur is so soothing (I've read it's supposed to lower blood pressure). When I come home from errands, they actually run to greet me as I come into the kitchen! Some folks think only dogs exhibit these traits, but my kitties have a LOT of "purr"-sonality. ;) Blessings, Patti Jo

  2. Whenever we vacation at the beach, I watch for dolphins and usually see a few, which is always a special experience.

    Did you ever talk about what animal you wanted to be when you were a child? I wanted to be a dolphin.

    Enjoy your dolphin sightings. Send pictures!

  3. Patti Jo, I love cats, too. My Cujo Kitty had to be put to sleep last year. I still miss her. She was seventeen years old.
    Debby, as much as I love dolphins, I always wanted to be a tiger. I think the great cats are so beautiful. Although being a dolphin would keep me in the water all the time. Tough choice.

  4. Since I live near the beach, I often walk there. I always look for the dolphins. It's a special day when I see them. Watching them glide through the water is a calming experience.

  5. It's a special treat that I love--seeing the dolphins. One of those rare treasures for humans! I heard a report yesterday that dolphins actually "name" each other with their honing signals. Cool!

  6. Lenora, I always knew you were a tiger at heart! :)


  7. They truly are calming to watch! I love watching them while at the beach.

  8. They sure are. I think we appreciate them because they are so elusive.

  9. Debby, more like a skittish kitty! :)


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