Friday, February 15, 2013

Ask Elnora--about love stories--Lenora Worth


Darlings, did you like our lovely Valentine story? I sure did. There is something about a continuing story that keeps people coming back. Even in a simple love story, there is one element that is very important. Conflict. I call this emotional suspense. We have to engage the reader by engaging the emotions. It's not so much what your character is doing. It's how he feels when he is doing it. Feeling plays a part in every action we take, from getting out of bed to going to the grocery store.

So... Lets talk about feelings. Some of us have fragile feelings. Some of us hide our true feelings. Some can't feel anything anymore. We create characters who are true to life. What do you think makes a good character?  What about feelings? What about emotions?? Let's discuss. How are you feeling today?


  1. Loved the Valentine story!

    Your new book looks great, Lenora...ah, Elnora!

    Feelings? I'm feeling happy with the Georgia sunshine streaming through my windows. A cold front is moving in tomorrow. Reminds me of my current suspense WIP. Tomorrow will be the perfect day to work on a winter mystery.

  2. Lenora, so true. Readers will forgive us anything as long as we give them a strong emotional story. And conflict was in each installment of the Valentine story of Cupid's Cove.

    I'm afraid I'm usually unable to hide my emtoins--but you knew that!

  3. I loved the valentine story it had me wanting more each day and it made me want to act to right the misconception. which makes a good story.

    Feelings intersting you should ask! today I am tired but thats normal lately but we are having a hot spell with humidity which I am not use too. but right now I am feeling good getting ready for a walk! (and to strap my wrist again due to pain in it.)

    Lyn you are right about readers. I have a friend who will say oh the editing is so bad but as a reader I dont know better (in some cases) and the book she couldn't read I have devoured cos for me the story worked well or it was what I like in a story.

  4. Well , Elnora has been known to have his st fit here and there!! I think I had two today!!

  5. A hissy fit. Now I'm having one over auto correct!!!

  6. I loved the Cupid's Cove story, and looked forward to each day's addition to the story. ~ Even though it's now almost midnight, we had a lovely, sunny day here in Georgia today (echoing what Debby G. said!). And...I'm happy because my oldest daughter and I are taking a super-quick trip to the GA coast this weekend (to see my sister's new house!). Cannot wait! Blessings, Patti Jo

  7. Patti Jo, that sounds wonderful. Have a good weekend!!


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