Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Love at Cupid's Cove - Valentine's Serial - Barbara Phinney

Lacy caught sight of Duncan as he hurried past her shop. Her heart tripped at his downtrodden expression. It was as if someone had kicked his puppy. She craned her neck over the counter, threatening to crush Mrs. Drake's special order coffee cake. The lovely elderly lady was hosting her great grandchildren tonight and had wanted Lacy to bake her old family recipe since poor Mrs. Drake's hands were too arthritic. 

"Look out, Miss Lacy!" Little Debbie cried out. The youngest great grandchild, who'd tagged along for the trip, had plans for their treat, and it wasn't to watch it be crushed under Lacy. 

Lacy backed up. "Sorry. I was just watching someone."

"Sergeant Hines?" Debbie piped up, cheekily, as six year olds who heard too much often did. "He just came from Angie's house. They gots your cupcakes, but Grammie says Angie's mom will probably throw them away. She says it's a sin what's happening between them!"

The bakery fell into a deafening silence. With cheeks as pink as the hearts on the store windows, Mrs. Drake hastily paid for her purchase, grabbed her young grandchild and hightailed it from the bakery. Even Mr. Valentine scooted off, obviously so reluctant to answer any more questions, he'd left half of his coffee crumb cake behind.

Enough! Lacy squared her shoulders. This town was a delight to live in and to work in, but no one should be treating a soldier like that! She hastily packaged up four more chocolate cupcakes, slapped the 'back in 5 min.' sign on her door and locked up.

 image from Wilton© 
Cupid's Cove wasn't so big that Lacy couldn't spot Duncan as he hurried past the church and down to the pier. She regretted not grabbing her jacket, but tossed her personal comfort away as she hurried to catch up with him. Salty wind and the cries of seagulls met her as she reached the long dock. The tide was out, and only the tops of the few fishing boats bobbing and swaying could be seen along the left side.

Duncan stood at the end of the pier, hunched slightly as if staring into the water.

Lacy hesitated. The wind buffeted the box of cupcakes in her right hand. What was she doing? She'd foolishly thought that chocolate could solve the man's problems, but not everyone was like her. 

 image purchased from Dreamstime© 
Still, it was worth a try. Duncan needed a friend, and a good talk over fresh chocolate cupcakes could do wonders. She took one step forward, then gasped. 

Duncan dropped into the choppy brine, out of sight.


  1. Oh, dear, no comments. Have I horrified everyone? Stay tuned. I'm sure everything will work out. At least, I hope so!

  2. Oh, no!! I sure hope there's a boat below!


  3. Barbara, I know you usually writes suspense - was this supposed to be one of your suspense novels! Now I hope tomorrow comes soon and we find out Duncan is ok and now drowned in the depths!!!!

  4. Missy, I hope so, too! LOL. Of course, it's up to the next writer. I can hardly wait!
    Valri, not one of my suspense novels. I'm actually scared for him! I've been on long piers before. I hate the drop off!

  5. I can see this girl throwing down the chocolates that she loves and jumping into the waters after him...
    wow what an ending, it certainly was a surprise Barbara.
    Paula O

  6. LOL, I'm thinking about those people who jump in the frigid water on purpose. Of course, Duncan Hines might get a little soggy heheheheh

  7. oh wow I am loving this story. havent commented before cos the wrist was aching when I read it. cant wait to see what next.

  8. Pol, there's so much more story left! I'm sure they won't catch their death in the cold water. Of course, I can think of some great stuff too, including dropping those lovely cakes and getting soggy with Duncan Hines.
    But what do you suppose he was looking at down there? Or did he decide to end it all?
    I can't wait until tomorrow.

  9. Oh, wait! We should compile all these great serials together for one great big blog. Or put them up for free somewhere so all of you can enjoy them!

  10. Oh NO!!! Poor Duncan...I'm shivering thinking about that cold water. Super eager to read tomorrow's episode!
    Blessings, Patti Jo

  11. Barbara,
    I didn't think he'd jump. Really!

    You had me from the get-go!

    Can't wait until tomorrow.

    I always love these serials. They're fun to write and to read.

  12. LOL Fun, I didn't get to read it yesterday so coming in late today! But I love it.

  13. LOL Fun, I didn't get to read it yesterday so coming in late today! But I love it.


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