Monday, July 15, 2013

Ask Elnora--About Maneuvers? Lenora Worth

Hello my darlings. How I've missed you but I enjoyed my time off and I'm so glad we got to know some of those wonderful RITA nominated books! I must read all of them. Elnora is behind on her reading list. But I have very good excuses. I just finished a long Superromance that I so enjoyed writing. It's off to my clever editors for well .... more edits ... I'm sure. So of course I celebrated with new shoes and a few days away from my computer. But it's hard to stay away for any amount of time.

I had to maneuver things so I could enjoy my down time. I had big plans to finally get this office into shape, to finally go back through and "edit" my overflowing closet yet again, big plans to sit on the beach and read all the books I've been pining to read, big plans to climb mountains and scale walls and ... well, I haven't done much of anything but I've enjoyed my rest. Now it's off to Atlanta to the RWA Conference. I have a great and full schedule--and a workshop on Saturday with one of my favorite people--Marta Perry--and one of my favorite editors--Tina James. We maneuvered into getting this workshop and we're excited to talk about writing. I'll try to give conference highlights next week.

In my last home, a big train maneuvered its way along a track just past my yard. We laughed about the noise and how it shook the earth when we first moved in but we got used to the train and always waved when it passed near the trees. Here where I live by the bay, we hear a different kind of maneuver. We live surrounded by military bases--air force and navy and a couple of very secretive fields and reservations. So we often hear our military practicing maneuvers. When I first heard the boom, boom right outside my door, I did a jump, jump right out of  my recliner. Then I realized what was going on. Now when I hear the rat-ta-ta-tat of a big gun somewhere, instead of scaring me it makes me feel safe. There are heroes out there in the shadows, practicing to protect me. Sigh.

One night recently, Big D and I walked out on the dock to look at the stars. I saw some flickers in the distance. Like fireflies dancing on the clouds. My husband explained that was maneuver planes flying over one of those secretive fields. I have to say it was a lovely sight. Better than fireworks even.

So Happy Belated Fourth of July, my precious people. Let freedom ring or boom or rat-ta-tat. I'm thankful for new shoes and for the freedom to write these words and my books. I'm thankful for the military men and women who are out there protecting me. And I'm thankful for all of you, too!

Now what did I miss while I was away? Come sit by me and let's catch up!!!


  1. Elnora, I do believe you celebrate every event in life with new shoes! :)

    I think those sounds would become comforting.

    When we moved into our first parsonage, it was right next to the railroad track crossing. The first night a train approached, I awoke screaming my head off, sure we were about to be hit. In about a month, we didn't even notice. So I totally understand. :)


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