Friday, July 12, 2013

Ready for RWA

Missy Tippens, here. Thank you for all the excitement for yesterday's post. It's been a huge thrill and honor to be nominated for a RITA®. It's made getting ready for this year's Romance Writers of America national conference that much more exciting.

I've been busy picking out dresses to take with me, especially for the RITA and Golden Heart awards ceremony. Also for the big party Harlequin throws for their authors every year. Not to mention the shoes and jewelry! I'm just glad the conference is in Atlanta this year so I don't have to fly. I can take as much luggage as I need. :)

When I went to pick out my dress for the awards ceremony, I took my daughter with me. She's sixteen and very honest with me. Needless to say, she had no qualms telling me when something didn't look good! So when I fell in love with THE dress, I was relieved when she approved...provided I wore a body shaper underneath! LOL

Gotta love teenagers and how they keep us humble. :)

I thought I'd share my dress with you today. I adore the color (the close up is truer to color) and satiny fabric. You can all picture me in it next Saturday night (the 19th). Just be sure to picture me all cinched in and "shaped." <grin>


  1. Know you will look great, Missy!

    Will be praying for you to win!

  2. Jackie, thank you. There are some wonderful books nominated. I'll be happy no matter who wins. :)

  3. I love the color too, Missy! Good luck!

  4. Gorgeous dress. You are going to look and feel like a queen!

  5. Take a picture of you in it! And post it when you get back from RWA. Or, take a picture of you on your way to the RITA ceremony.

  6. Thanks, everyone! It was a fantastic night!

    Tina Radcliffe posted some photos on the Seekerville blog today (Sunday, 7/21/13). :)


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