Saturday, November 23, 2013

John F Kennedy

Terri Reed here.  This month marked the 50th's Anniversary of the 35th presidents assassination.  I wasn't born yet when he died, but I remember asking my mother once where she was when she heard the news.  She was a few months pregnant with me.  She was in the living room of the house she and my dad shared in South Lake Tahoe.  She was watching the president's motorcade on television as she was ironing clothes.  Her words formed an image in my mind that has never left.

The events of the day changed our nation in so many ways.  One way that I found fascinating was how the secret service changed.

If you were old enough do you remember where you were when you heard the news?  Do you know where your parents or grandparents were when they heard the news?


  1. I remember as though it happened last week. I was in social studies class when a white-faced teacher came to the door and announced, "The president's been shot." The room went silent and none of us could speak. School was dismissed almost immediately and we went home, in shock and grief that lasted for days and days. We all loved the Kennedys so much.

  2. I was at school and several kids who went home for lunch came in and said the president has been shot. We didn't believe that until we were all called to the gym, told the news and sent home.

    I got to thinking about this and it seems each generation has a 'terrible moment.' My mother was Pearl Harbor, mine JFK, and my kids 9/11. Sad it has to be this way.


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