Monday, November 4, 2013

Readers are everywhere!

Knitters line up for my novels at VogueKnitting Live

Those of you who know me understand my passion for knitting.  I’ve been spending the last few years discovering what I always knew:  readers and knitters and knitters are readers!  Still, it’s fun to share one’s love of books in a non-literary setting, and this past Saturday I got to do just that as I gave out copies of my newest novel THE FIREFIGHTER'S MATCH.

Since so many of my novels contain knitting characters, I discover lots of new readers at events like VogueKnitting Live, the yarn and fiber arts conference hosted in Chicago (and other cities) for the past two years.  Several of the yarn shops I feature in my knitting blog “DestiKNITions” are kind enough to host book giveaways for me.  It’s always great fun to watch a person’s eyes light up when they realize you are giving them a book--especially a romance that shares their love of knitting.  Some of them are brand new to Love Inspired and thank me for introducing them to the line.  We always end up chatting, sharing favorite books and new yarn purchases, and having great fun.

Introducing a new reader to the Love Inspired line
Those of us who love books know that fondness extends beyond the bookstore or the library.  We’re the people who stop folks on the bus or at the airport with questions like “What are you reading?” “Did you like it?” or “Oh, that was one of my favorites!”

Look in my handbag at any given moment, and two things will always be in there:  a book and some knitting.  I’m ready for a few moments of bliss no matter where I am!  


  1. sounds cool the combining of the two skills and meeting new readers. I don't knit but mum use to.

  2. It was great fun and my very favorite way to meet new readers.

  3. Hi Allie - I've always admired your skill and passion for knitting. Alas it is not something I ever learned. About the closest I ever came was cross stitching, which I know is not the same thing at all :)

  4. Learning to knit is on my bucket list :)


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