Thursday, November 7, 2013

Reader Thursday Contest Over

Hi, Terri Reed here.  A month ago we started a month long giveaway.
If you are an ACFW member or attended the 2013 conference in Indianapolis, you might've seen this ad in the conference booklet:

Every Thursday through the month of October we picked a winner from the comments  to win some books.  

Week#5  winner is Jenny Blake!
You will be receiving books from Terri Reed, Allie Pleiter, Lacy Williams and Pamela Tracy

Thank you to all our readers for supporting our blog and reading our books.

To recap the winners:
Week # Julie Hilton Steele (authors sending her books are Janet Lee Barton, Margaret Daley, Rhonda Gibson and Linda Goodnight)
Week#2 Paula Osborne (authors sending books are Debby Giusti, Jean C. Gordon, Louise M. Gouge and Winnie Griggs.)
Week#3 Valri Western (authors sending books are Christine Johnson, Patty Hall, Dana Mentink, and Missy Tippens)
Week#4 Jackie Smith (authors sending books are Danica Favorite, Rhonda Gibson, Lenora Worth, Margaret Daley)
Week#5   Jenny Blake (authors sending books are Terri Reed, Allie Pleiter, Lacy Williams and Pamela Tracy


  1. I was excited to be chosen a winner! I can't wait to get all my books!

  2. Jenny, if you could send me your info at, I'll pass it on to the other authors.

    Congratulations to all the winners.

  3. I am a happy winner.....thanks again...can't wait to get the books!

  4. wow i am so excited. thank you. I love this blog.

  5. Thanks to everyone for stopping by and entering!

    Valri, I plan to mail your book once I finally send off my manuscript (due next week). :)

  6. Congratulations Winners!! It is so exciting to give away books and to be on this blog. I love my job!! :)


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