Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Messy Faith

This is Barbara Phinney. Take a look up at the title. Isn't it great?  My church is doing a series based on a book that inspired this title. Messy Faith

And for some reason, this title really resonated with me. Indeed, my faith is messy. As messy as my current working space, which is supposed to be our dining room table, but I found my desk was too small right now. 

Take a look. To the left are peach saplings I hope will live through the winter, plus the watering can. Hey, I'll put it away. The broken pair of binos is there because I was too lazy to go outside to see if the mailman came. The large white book is sitting on a long candle centerpiece, and the pizza pan is sitting atop a bagette pan. This is my life right now as I complete Protected by the Warrior, my LIH due out August 2014. And in a way, this is my faith right now.

I know there are some whose faith is a simple and neat and as peaceful as a stretch of pastureland under clear skies. 

Not so mine. I am always pushing my faith around, dropping it, letting things get stacked up on top of it and yup, spilling coffee on it occasionally. Then, I will drag it out and rescue it, grimace at the stains and try my best to fix it. 
And yes, wondering why it got so complicated, and wondering if I can simplify it.

Thankfully, "Messy Faith" isn't just about my muddled intentions. It's about grazing at the edge of the pasture, as some of us Love Inspired authors are apt to do. It's about allowing God to be the One to perfect the life that is my sloppy attempt at Christian living, to push us out of our neat and not so neat lives to find that real Christian peace.

So, is your faith messy or neat? Simple or complex? Tell me how you see yours.


  1. my table rivals yours. It may look messy but its practical. (ok I have to say that cos at times it frustrates me). I think at times my faith is messy but at others its more simple. If I keep structure like start the day with devotions I keep on track better but I do tend to be messy. At our church we have prayer partners and as much as I want to pray at the same time I do forget and it will be on my walk I see her car and will pray then. I dont think it matters when I pray but that I do pray. I think this is like other aspects. It may look messy but it works.
    (excuse my rambling the meds I am on tire me and confuse me I am finding)

  2. Jenny, thank you for your thoughts. I love to read things like this because I so 'get' it. Here's praying that you stay on track with your devotions and your faith!

  3. I love this! Messy faith soooo describes me. I'm so glad the Lord can figure it all out!


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