Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What's Your Favorite Marriage Proposal?

Hello, Sandra Orchard, here.

Last week I giddily shared on my Facebook Author Page that the hero in my current WIP had just asked my heroine to marry him!!!

I know, I know…it sounds like I gave away the ending, but I didn't say that that was the end! (hee, hee, hee, she laughed in her best suspense voice)

Okay, maybe it was. But I couldn't help myself!

I love writing marriage proposals, perhaps because my own wasn't terribly romantic. Not like one FB friend who shared that her husband dressed like a knight-in-shining-armor to ask her!

Although…at the time, I remember being pretty giddy about my husband-to-be's proposal, too!

The story is actually a tad humorous. I can't remember a more gorgeous star-filled night than the first time my now-husband kissed me. It was a world-tilting kiss. He must've thought so, too, because he felt the need to tell me that this didn't mean we were getting married or anything, then kissed me again.

Fast forward two months: We're chatting in the family room of my parents' basement about I don't remember what when he suddenly says "Will you marry me?"

The question literally came out of nowhere. I said "yes." We kissed and agreed that we shouldn't tell anyone yet.

I was seventeen at the time.

And then we went right on talking about whatever we'd been talking about!


I had high hopes that one day he'd present me with a ring and that that…would be romantic.


I can't remember if I was expecting it, but I'd cooked us a special dinner for two and just before we sat down to eat, he plopped a ring box beside my plate and said something like "I got you something."

He must have sensed how horrified I was, because he quickly snatched it back and dropped to one knee. LOL

However, I must say that since I took up writing, my husband has become truly inspiring in the romance department. For example…when I arrived at the airport following my first American writer's conference, he was waiting for me outside the baggage area in his best suit and tie, holding a sign like the limo drivers do so that clients can find their driver.

My husband's sign said "The Most Beautiful Woman in the World." Ahhh.

Okay, stop your snickering about love being blind. Sheesh!

Your Turn: What's your favorite or most memorable proposal from a book, movies or real life?

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  1. You know, our proposal wasn't romantic either, but he's more than made up for it with 15 years of being the best husband ever!

    And your hubby sounds wonderful!

  2. Ah, maybe we're extra special kind of women who know a good solid guy when we meet him and don't need to be swept off our feet. ;) My hubby proved himself once again last night by coming home with gingerale and crackers when he heard I'd been knocked down by a wicked migraine, then he made supper and brought me a plate when I finally felt up to it. Of course...it was my son who put in a Jerry Maguire movie for me to watch, when hubby would've put in Star Trek. LOL. But the kiss he got after Tom Cruise's "You complete me" line has probably made him rethink his movie choices from here on out. ;)

  3. My proposal was pretty romantic, yet simple! We were walking on a beach in Southern Calif. He suddenly dropped to one knee, pulled out a ring that was dangling on a chain around his neck and asked me to marry him! All this after TWO dates! But, we've been married going on 29 years so I guess it's working for us:)

  4. Love it, Valri!!! Especially given the story I just wrote which happens over the course of a week! When the person is right...you just know. :) congratulation on 29 years!

  5. Oh, I'm telling me husband about the sign in the airport and telling him he has some serious catching up to do.

    LOL, I'm such a listmaker that I practically told my husband when and where I wanted him to propose.

    Sure glad he listened.

  6. Enjoyed your post, Sandra (yes, I'm a day behind but couldn't resist commenting!).

    I loved what you shared about your hubby holding the sign in the airport---how SWEET!

    My favorite proposal happened to my middle daughter--in our house--in Dec. 2009. She and her high school sweetheart had a little Christmas tree that they decorated each year (they'd dated for 7 years so it was a sweet tradition). Anyway, my now SiL had a gorgeous engagement ring (my daughter knew NOTHING about it) and as they decorated the little tree, he slipped the ring on a small tree branch near the top while she'd turned around to get another ornament. Needless to say, she was beside herself when she saw the ring on the branch, and my sweet SiL then got down on one knee and proposed. Immediately afterward they both came downstairs to see me (I was on my computer) and they didn't say a word---just stood looking at me, grinning. Lots of happy tears followed!
    Thanks for helping me to remember these precious memories!
    Hugs, Patti Jo


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