Tuesday, September 20, 2016

September Is National Honey Month

Hello everyone, Winnie Griggs here. Did you know that September was National Honey Month? Since honey is one of my favorite sweeteners (especially for hot tea) I thought I'd look up some trivia and fun facts relating to honey and honey bees to share with you.

  • There are over 300 unique types of honey identified in the US alone. The flavor of honey is derived from the nectar source the bee gathers from.
  • Honey bees are not native to the Americas but came over with some of the first colonists
  • Honey contains every substance needed to sustain human life, including water, minerrals, enzymes and vitamins.
  • Honey is the only food that contains pinocembrin, an antioxidant that has been shown to improve brain function
  • A single honeybee will only produce about 1/12 teaspoon of honey during its entire life
  • Honey contains natural preservatives. Vats of sealed honey were found in King Tut’s tomb that still contained edible honey after being stored for over 2,000 years.

What do you think - did any of that surprise you? Do you like honey and if so, what's your favorite way to eat it?

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  1. Thanks for the honey facts, Winnie! Interesting that honey contains everything needed to sustain life. And to think bees weren't native to America.

    I'm not a big honey user. Perhaps I should be. I do know that ingesting honey from a person's own area helps with allergy control.

    Heading to my pantry to find honey!!!


  2. It's amazing how God provides for us, isn't it. Not only is honey good for us, but it tastes amazing. Anyone else a fan of the honeycomb. I love it. I remember as a child I used to eat it like crazy.

    Great post, Winnie.

  3. Our family is big on honey. My son-in-law kept a hive here for a while. I had no idea they weren't native to North America.

  4. Wow, some amazing facts. It boggles my mind that still-edible honey was found in Egyptian tombs.

  5. Thanks for sharing these fund facts. I was amazed about how long honey stays edible.

  6. Wow! What interesting facts. I had no idea each bee produces so little honey. No wonder there are so many bees in one hive.


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